Grokster 1.6 available for download

I just posted the article Grokster 1.6 available for download.

My favorite filesharing software has been updated to version 1.6: Grokster. This version should bring extra search results.

Grokster also uses the FastTrack network to find and download files…

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cydoor and are still installed, I think. at leasr cydoor

best thing still to use is kazaa lite 1.7.1. it includes a small prog to automatically search for more sources and you can set the time so it doesn’t hog all u’r cpu.

It sure has a lot of optional additional software to install - it sez it’s not spyware - but it is a bunch of 3rd party advertisers I’m sure hmm?

use grokster , and use the dummy cydoor cliebt , you’ll be fully free from spyware then