*groan* ANOTHER 5005 price reduction!

They did it again.

The wholesale club store selling the 5005 in my area has lowered the price once more.

Started out at $160, then when I went to get one, it was ten dollars lower.

Went in there with a friend today, and was surprised to see the half dozen they still had were now TWENTY dollars lower than the last time.


$130 for a 5005.

Naturally, I already have mine. :frowning:

Oh well…at least several other people will get a break.

Don’t live in the past, but if you want to I was very lucky. I bought mine at a CompUSA during a “12 hour sale” $169 less two mail in rebates $50 from CompUSA and $20 from Liteon. Collected the Liteon rebate last week. So I only paid $99. :bigsmile:

You’ll have to be destroyed for this.

Where are my water balloons? :stuck_out_tongue:

Should us in Europe feel sorry for you US guys when it comes to prices?

Typically, once the price drops to “commodity level” we pay £1 here per $1 you pay there. Given exchange rate is c. £1/$1.80 then we pay nearly double (applies on PCs, printers etc) virtually across the board!!

However, we do get better guarantees (1 year normally) but doesn’t this come at a price!

any rebate links

I’m with Oilman on this.
I get really upset with all the fantastic rebates/sales etc that get identified on this site when we in the UK aren’t able to get the same opportunities.
But we’ve only got Tony Blair - you’ve got George W Bush. Guess we’ve something to feel lucky about.

get a clue don’t buy a 5005 for one thing there not stable. the 5045 is better but not buy much. I would never buy another machine of either type because the contrast is way off and recordings made on either machine don’t play on most older dvd players with out the DV play back ability.

buy.com has them for $129 after a $30 credit if you get and use the buy.com visa card. I’m waiting to be approved and get my 2nd 5005. :slight_smile: Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment. I got real good use of the 5005A I have now but I hafta RMA it for the media problem I’m having.

@Oilman - the prices are pound per $ meaning they are going for like 159 pounds over there? I got some Thomas E. Cooke travelers cheques in the mid '70’s and it was $2.48 per pound back then. Some sites are still selling the 5005 for $249. We also get a 1 year warranty on the 5005 from LiteOn and If I charge something on my Visa card I get double the mfr. warranty up to an extra year if it comes with a 1 year warranty.

@hexmechanic - never had a snow problem but I do not use the tuner. Anything I 've recorded in my 5005 has played back in anything that liked the media I used. Some players like some media, some don’t.

Except for cabbage-face (which really got taken care of by a LiteOn update) and the occasional “jerky movement” thing on the three and four hour speeds (which seems to be heat related), my machine records just fine and with a really nice picture. Even the three and four hour speeds look very good except when the strobe-effect shows itself.

Media? I use some no-name discs with the logo of the same wholesale club I got the machine at, and they work PERFECTLY. Only two disc rejections so far in the whole spool (100 discs, about two thirds used so far). No rejections by my other machines either, except a very old one that apparently can’t play either +R or -R.

Sorry you’ve had a bad experience, but I’m VERY satisfied with mine so far. If the strobe-effect can be completely corrected, I’ll be as happy as a clam.

Get a clue? Thanks, I’ve already got a whole lot more.

I got mine for $79.99 with rebate last week