Griminy will the Benq 1600 ever be avail in U.S.?

I know theres a digital research avail at office depot thats a rebadge. problem is every office depot i call here doesnt have it…and i dont see the drive in stock anywhere on the web. :Z

Not only that but I don’t think you can even find an 830…
What? Benq don’t want the sales???

I called supermediastore and they said they should have some 16x (probably 1620) in a week or two.

I managed to pick it up at office depot during the rebate offer last week. I reside in NJ. I know a few other guys out of this state managed to pick it up at office depot aswell. They might have done good selling them with the rebates.

I got my BenQ 1600 as digital research rebage with rebate in Southern California at office depot, I then went to benQ Websit and flashed the drive to latest fw B5F8 then B5G8 when it showed up. I have had no problems with it as yet, Im hoping that the 1620 update fw will be out soon.

That’s nice rub it in a little more. :sad:

Could you please give me the model number of that drive?

DDVD16DL and they include a black faceplate as well :wink: It is a BenQ 1600 on the tag as well so all they do is rebox the drive which is great for firmware upgrades. Problem is it is a holdover till the 1620 is out so yes they are probably all gone now. You might want to call their Customer service number and see if they can find one and set you up with a instore pickup locally if you really want one now.

Can do better then that I can post the label off the box.

I just purchased it at a Office Depot 49 miles from my house. Thank you for helping me find the drive. I will be testing it all night. :wink:

@ Jamos:
how much did you pay for the drive? For Retail Benq DW822A I paid ~$50 (US).

I paid too much money! I paid 149$ with a 20$ rebate.

I think after you use it you will feel the price was not that bad for a 16x 1600 burner upgradable to 1620. Plus that nice CAV writing strat.

And besides you always pay more to get the first one and be on the bleeding edge.
Now many of us really paid too much when we got Sony 500a’s

Doesn anyone have drivers for this drive. I really need drivers because it installed but instead of showing “dvd-rw” in computer, there is “cd-rom” and it detects blank dvd as blank cd. How do i fix the problem???

See this thread

Mine shows all the dvd burners as DVD-RW with no problem at all.