Gridiron gang



just wondering if anyone having problems- copied just fine -then when trying to play it has same loop alot of others have had lately- using 6107 and dvdclone- i am able to rip main movie and get it to play-


It copied without problems using AnyDVD and Elby CloneDVD2 Use CloneDVD from Elby or Slysoft website with Anydvd and you will not have problems


try to play - like i said before it will copy fine but when u play it - it will just loop the 1st 15 -20 seconds over and over using the same programs u mentioned on 3 different computers all with the same results


I played the movie in my standalone dvd player for 5 min and I didn’t find the loop problem that you have. Maybe you have the repeat function enabled in your computer


Did you do a full disc backup with full menus?

Apparently Kissthat isn’t having a problem with a main movie only backup.



If you’re convinced your original disc isn’t faulty and you’re using the latest versions of Anydvd and Clonedvd2, then chances are you know what to do:


Yes, it has menus and extras.


If calcu007 doesn’t have “jump directly to title menu” selected in Anydvd, and both of you are both in Region 1, then chances are the problem isn’t Anydvd.


I dont remember if I enabled that option, I checked the copy and the Sony Logo appears before the movie menu.


I made a FULL clone backup using AD6107 ( with all options enabled) and Cdvd 2903 and it plays fine with no looping at all
menus, etc all work


I just bought Clone DvD and already have a registered version of AnyDvD. When I try to backup the movie it says it’s copy protected and won’t let me go on. How do I work around this so I can backup my original copy?


Disreguard, I didn’t have AnyDvD running in the back ground. Doh!


having trouble with this…anyone else having problems?


View this thread:

Also, welcome to the forums. you might also like to try the BETA out:


I made a backup last night of Gridiron Gang (R1) using AnyDVD beta & CloneDVD2 It works perfectly.

I cloned it [preserving menus] but I left out the following titles: 14, 15, 19, 2, 16, 20, 12, 13, 18, 1, 17, 8, 41, 5, 9, 10, 7 & 11. Yeah, I didn’t put them in order and this is the order they showed up in using CloneDVD2 and the order I removed them from CloneDVD2. Since it was brought up before, I did not use the Jump Directly to Title Menu feature. I never use that.

The titles I removed were either trailers for other movies, the FBI warning, 0 second titles with no audio, or short titles with no audio and just a black screen for a couple seconds. Basically I left out the junk but still have a disc with the short Sony intro, menus, the movie (duh!), bonus features, extra angles, etc. When the movie ends it goes back to the menu.


CloneDVD2 sorts titles by size (biggest on top, cause this is usually the movie).
You can change the order by clicking on “title” in the listview.


Ahem. Erm. Yeah. My brain was sort of having a dead moment there. At least I got the titles right :stuck_out_tongue:


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When i try to make a back up of this movie, all it shows in CloneDvD2 is a 23min main movie. Even when i select Clone Dvd all it shows is a 23min video. Running CloneDvd2 2903 and AnyDvD Beta. Any Ideas on whats going on? When i play the 23 min video its just a clip of the movie.758mb is what it copies.


I just used Dvdshrink to check and see if it was the clonedvd2 or the anydvd messing up and it looks like CloneDvd2 was messing up as in dvd shrink it shows chapter 3 as being the main movie and in clone dvd it shows chapter 23 as being the main movie and in dvd shrink it shows up as 2 hrs where as in clone dvd it shows up as 23min.


Please try this version:

Thank you!