Grid lines on all my videos on my laptop

I have an acer laptop and just put windows XP on it as it came with Vista and really dislike Vista. With XP (student version) All was well till I tried playing videos like DVD & avi files and then I started getting grid lines over the video screen. Happens with Media player, Winamp and Nero .

I thought I had a hardware problem so I reloaded a Norton Ghost of the Vista I took off and the problem was not there. I formatted the laptop and installed a fresh XP and with a fresh XP I have the same problem. I added the Ace Mega Codec pack and that did nothing. I reloaded XP again, did the updates to allow all the hardware updates to be installed and again the problem. I installed Vista again and no problem with the video. I am thinking it’s probably not a damaged hardware.

I wanted to take some photos of it and when I stopped the video to get a non-blurry background & ran a full screen print on it and pasted that to the paint function in M$, the pasting cut the size to 1/3 of full screen & showed a black background. A full screen print of anything else shows full size!

When I saved it to the drive as a jpg, the jpg came out all black with zero detail on it (shades of Dracula).

I used my camera to catch a photo of the 1/3 size presentation that pasted to M$ paint.

I also took a photo of the full screen presentation.

Lines-2.JPG is the full screen taken with the camera ( photo below on the right)

Lines-3.JPG is the 1/3 size instead of full screen as pasted to M$ paint. I took this photo with a camera as the screen print did not copy the visible screen print (Photo on the left below)

The last photo below that is blank is what was saved when I tried saving the screen print to disk. Instead of saving the full size as 1/3 as you see in the photo above, it only saved the text data which you can’t see on the reduced photo. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Don’t see this in Vista nor do I see it in my desktop which was installed using the exact same XP install disk.

I’ve searched for all kinds of drivers for it but nothing helps & I’ve never seen this before. I may have to go back to Vista whether I like it or not…

If you have any suggestions, I sure need to know what to do. I really want to keep XP on this but I need to see videos as well.

Oh yes, I used a Viewsonic monitor to see if that made a difference and no, the problem was on the remote monitor too.

Also, when I look at an avi thumbnail without running it, there are no gridlines and when I look at a jpg in the viewer, all is well. It is only when using any kind of video that I have this problem.



I would look into your video drivers and/or settings.


That was the first thing that I did. when I saw this. I went to the nvidia website as it’s a geforce 6100 go card but Nvidia said I needed to go to the Acer site where there are drivers especially for their cards. I found the current driver there.

That it happens on each kind of video software in XP makes me wonder. Yet, it did work for a bit before this happened. Since it keeps happening 100% of the time now, I thought maybe something was broken hardware wise as the new XP installation did nothing to help. But… it works fine in Vista.

Since it worked for several hours of watching videos and then does so no more, I am stymied…

Do not understand why go to the acer site just force install these drivers (Disable current drivers do not uninstall them.) They say the same for hp laptop but that is BS I use the nvidaa force ware drivers big improvement over HP’s out dated ones.
Field Value
Video Adapter Properties
Device Description NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600
Adapter String GeForce FX Go5600
BIOS String Version
Chip Type GeForce FX Go5600
DAC Type Integrated RAMDAC
Installed Drivers nv4_disp ( - nVIDIA ForceWare 93.71)
Memory Size 128 MB

Video Adapter Manufacturer
Company Name NVIDIA Corporation
Product Information
Driver Download
Here is the link:

It’s definitely possible it’s the drivers but those drivers you suggested won’t load. This laptop has a geforce go 6100 card and Nvidia won’t offer any drivers for the 6100 go series. It defaults to the “7” series and well, they don’t have them available.

I’ve been trying the acer download site for different nvidia XP drivers and have not found any that will work with this card.

I really hate to think I’m forced into using Vista… It’s far too bloated. Does a lot but most I don’t need and I have to go through too many options to do something XP does without making me jump through hoops.
Try this still have to force the install
All Go means as it is for a laptop the nvida chip is the same as a desktop, but you have to force/manualy install the drivers as the package will tell you it can not find the adapter.
Also what is the exact model of your acer?

I truly appreciate your trying to help. Sadly though I keep getting the same message when trying to install drivers for this 6100. I downloaded the above and I can see the nvidia setup screen in the background looking sharp & crisp but I get this message: “The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit”

I’ve downloaded drivers from MSI, HP & at least two others. I can… download drivers for XP from Acer and from the M$ site that run but indeed, they do not allow video to be played.

I deleted the video driver from the remove program screen and it allows just the video driver to be removed & leave the rest of the nvidia files working. Everything goes to the default video setting with no acceleration but… I can play a video just fine. So indeed, it seems to be the driver.

Gotta love it…


I did not have time to edit this page, but these are the steps for force installing the video drivers. Just substitute your nvidia drivers for the ones listed on the page.

this message: “The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit” only means you need to manually install them, its smoke and mirrors for mobile support, hence they add the “GO” tag to the chip set so you can not mess with the timings on the chip.

Excellent! Thanks to your suggestions it now indeed is working.

I had to do it differently than in the last link as hardware setup did not show the display I have in the final step (showed no adapter at all)

But what I did was to go to the program manager and then use the install driver updates to the now enabled card by right clicking on the card & going from there. I had to try a couple of options as it said the most current drivers were installed but clicking “back” and selecting other options, I finally was able to get it to force the unsigned driver to load from the link you had me go to.

After it loaded, I was unable to change the settings in display properties but I could see the full options were now available. Since it wouldn’t allow me to make changes I rebooted and indeed that was the final key.

I am really grateful you had the patience to keep helping me get this worked through.

Perhaps this thread will help others for there’s got to be a lot of people having this same problem. I can’t understand why M$ and Acer would put out a defective driver to download to this specific model but they did and this was the fix.

There are some things in Vista I do like such as the small windows that open up alongside folders or columns of minimized web pages so you can see the general look of the page as that helps you find the one you want easier than picking through all of them one at a time. I like some of the video look as well but I do a lot of searching and the search offers too many options & slows me down in the end. Also, if during a search in XP I see a folder I want to look at & see if it’s the one I want, the search keeps on going. in Vista if I look at one of the folders & then decide it’s not the right one, Vista restarts the search all over again.

It wasn’t thought out well from this end user’s standpoint but I’m sure it’ll be improved with service packs. M$ Version 1 of anything is miserable…

Again, thanks for your help. I learned something about how to install features that otherwise get rejected. I always wondered how to do that.



Glad you got it going,your very welcome