Grid lines on acer Aspire 9300

I AM a complete newbie so any explanations will have to be explicit i.e. if I should disable something then I need to know how and where to.:confused:

Right I have an ACER ~ Aspire 9300 laptop. All my video show up with grid lines. Installed latest Acer Codec (what ever that is) still grid lines. Somewhere I read I need to disable something and install something else.

Only if I knew how:iagree:

So I need a patient collaborator who does not loose his temper easily:bow:
as I am well past the age of retirement:rolleyes::sad:

I’m not sure what you mean buy “grid lines”. What player program are you using? What is the source of your video?

I am retired and I do have a Acer Aspire 5730z laptop.

The 9300 is a 17" desktop replacement and should not have a video display problem.

Until a few weeks ago I could watch a video on this Acer… then grid lines appeared on the screen, interfering with the ability to watch the video. You can see the video through this grid that has been placed on the screen but only just - as impairs ones ability to concentrate on what is going on behind this GRID format. Apparently it is a problem with the video card (whatever that is and where to find … then how to disable it is another problem) you then instal another of these items :doh:

I found this post but it all double dutch to me:disagree:
It states:

Do not understand why go to the acer site just force install these drivers (Disable current drivers do not uninstall them.) They say the same for hp laptop but that is BS I use the nvidaa force ware drivers big improvement over HP’s out dated ones.
Field Value
Video Adapter Properties
Device Description NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600
Adapter String GeForce FX Go5600
BIOS String Version
Chip Type GeForce FX Go5600
DAC Type Integrated RAMDAC
Installed Drivers nv4_disp ( - nVIDIA ForceWare 93.71)
Memory Size 128 MB

Video Adapter Manufacturer
Company Name NVIDIA Corporation
Product Information
Driver Download
Here is the link:


So, how and where is the current file located and what is its name … do I delete or just disable?.. then just install above file?


I might as well add another problem with my 2 year old Acer … the on/off button only works when it feels like it and the left hand click button gave up the ghost a couple of months ago… you just can’t cut and paste:a
My sons solution… connect a mouse and use that:rolleyes: but it may work as I tried it on another Acer set up we have (wife’s…with mouse):bow:

Most of the time I do not use the touch pad and rairly use the power key except to power up the lappy.

The video driver can be found in device manager under sound, video and game controllers, update driver.

Just got rid of grid lines:iagree:… deleted current video driver and installed the latest one from