Greyed out boxes on alcohol 120




Im having problems backing up ps2 games i have. Im using an external freecom fx-50 dvd writer and alcohol 120% (trial version just downloaded).

the problem i am having is that once i have clicked IMAGE MAKING WIZARD and once i select the device, if i select the virtual drive I get options at the bottom plus i can set the datatype (in this case it would be ps2) but when i select the freecom dvd writer drive I get no option and the write speed is greyed out at max?

Ive tried to just copy it but it doesnt work.

any1 got any ideas?

cheers guys.


this is for anyone who searches for roughly the same problem.

I tried it last night with ripping it off the disk at maximum (no chioce) and writing at at 1x and it worked! taaaadaaaaa! using the messiah 2 chip (the hp of chips!)

well chuffed!

before i was writing at 4x so make sure u write it at 1x and it should be fine!