Grey top Datawrite -R

Anyone had problems with these discs?
So far I’ve tried burning at 8x twice using both the 1.6 and 1.7 firmwares and with two versions of Nero
1st disc I didn’t try the verification but did get a CRC error when using the disc (worked in another drive though)
2nd time I did verify and the disc failed on 2 files (not tried to read it yet)

I have successfully written at 4x
Any ideas? Better firmware?

Any reconmendations for future media purchases

Thanks :slight_smile:

have you tried scanning them with DVDInfoPro or KProbe (if you have a LiteOn drive)?

Have a look at this:

@Everton: I suggest you not to verify the DVD with the NEC itself as it is a very poor reader. Many discs I wrote that are partly unreadable with the NEC are perfectly readable (totally smooth reading curve in Nero DVD-Speed) in all of DVD-ROMs i tried.

I agree: Some of my Princo 4x DVD-Rs have read errors when I read them out in the NEC 2500. The same discs work perfectly in my Toshiba DVD-Rom. And during playback in my standalone player, there is no single dropout!

Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

Spent last night checking one of the disks on my laptop using DVDInfoPro.
It came up with no errors, want to try the same on another disc and again in my NEC drive

Looks like I might have to put my DVD reader in my PC as well so I can write from the NEC and read from the reader
Sometimes have a similar problem with my cd writer as well
It’s like the early days of cd writing were you couldn’t write at full speed for fear of errors

Are any of the modified firmwares any better?
Am I likely to have the same problems with other media?

The answer for the first question is… Yes and No.

Modified firmwares sometimes use a better stratage, so there is a better chance that the output disc is readable in your NEC2500A. But modified firmware itself does not increase readability of a given disc. (At least in my experience.)

My G04 can be written at 8x, but have some chance of having “readability problem”.(Still reads good in other dirves). At 4x it all works fine even in 2500A.
Well… if you pick up a good media, maybe you can write it at 8x and fully read it back. But if you do care the quality of discs, maybe it’s a good idea to make discs that 2500A can read. (In that sense, 2500A is a good indicator if a disc is good. Anything readable in 2500A should be fine at all drives. :slight_smile: )

Some people say their 2500A is quite good as a reader. I’m not sure if they’re just using a better media, or… maybe their 2500A is really a better reader?
But nobody seem to have compared “good” and “bad” 2500As.

Here’s a speed test I did on a disc the drive had trouble with
I was using the original firmware at the time

Another speed test screenshot here
Using the latest official firmware

Worst speed test yet

Using Herries beta5 dual layer firmware.

Could you post a link to the thread that the image is in please as the link to the image doesn’t work
Thanks :slight_smile:

It isnt in a thread, i burnt and scanned the disc just for this thread. It must have gone belly up first time, ill try again :slight_smile:

Most will see this KProbe scan as a load of tosh because it wasnt done on a Liteon burner, it was done on a Liteon 165. However compared to my own results over the last 12 months or so i reckon this tops any DVD i have burnt.

Its a Fuji03 burnt at 8X and read back at max speed ending just under 13X

What firmware and burning program are you using?
Wish mine looked like that!
Only success I’ve had is burning at 4x :frowning:

The firmware is Herries beta5 dual layer firmware which is the hacked HP firmware i believe and the test disc was burnt using create test cd function of CD speed simply because every test disc i produce is of equal data content and at the maximum size then.

I think it is swings and roundabouts though mate to be honest, my drive is utter shite with Ritek G04 and i have given up on them.

Got my replacement yesterday, they just did a straight swap no questions asked

Tried a burn at 8x and it verified in Nero but when I did a speed test it wouldn’t read above 4x
Started a new thread on that

My drive was made in December 2003 and it is the slave on the secondary IDE channel if that makes any difference. (although i dont think it does.)

How are you getting on?

Much better now thanks
Still has a few problems on the discs I burned with the old drive i.e big dips down to 2x on the speed tests
Burnt one disc so far with the new drive, hope to get round to some more over the weekend
That one verified in Nero, although still had a few speed drops
A friend with the same drive wrote one for me on the grey tops at 8x and that speed tests perfectly

Replaced my system ASPI layer as it was reporting as corrupted
Will try some more burns this weekend