Grey Diagonal Lines Across Screen



I am running a 6 Y.O. desktop and just recently when I try to play Warcraft 3 the game will initiate and menus load but after a while, the screen just switches to grey diagonal lines running across it. I can make it go away by pressing alt-tab and then going back to the game, but it continues to reappear. I updated the graphics drivers my my Geforce 7900 GT card but it still does this. Any help would be much appreciated.


Is the display adapter (graphics card) set to a mode the monitor can’t display?


No the monitor and the graphics card work together well for everything else; watching movies, avi files, internet… I have also been able to play multiplayer matches online but shortly after the screen turns to grey lines. also just sitting at the menu screen of the game will eventually cause the grey lines to appear.


Do you have any other games to test your system? Video games stress your video card more than most any thing else you can do (outside of gpu based encoding). If your video card is dying, it will show problems in other games.


I attempted Halo and the same thing happened. So since any video game induces this, it must be a failing graphics card?


That’s my best guess based on what you have told us.