Greetingz ye all... need guidance with VCD burning

Hi, I am relatively a naiive person when it comes to CD burning. I am trying to burn an AVI file (file size is 704 MB approx) in VCD format, but the software is not letting me shrink it to a single CD. Is there any possible way I can do that?

I have used softwares like Nero 7, Ashampoo Shrink & Burn, Burning Studio, but unfortunately no luck so far.

Second leg to my problem is that whenever the software converts this AVI file to VCD (mpeg) format, it inverts the video. How can I correct that as well?

My apologies if I am not adhering to any rules/protocols of this forum but… I am helpless and desparately looking for guidance.

Pls help!

Hi and welcome to the forums,

Using Nero Vision it should be possible to transcode the videofile into a videocd, but if the file is copyright protected it will not work. Did you also check if you are using the correct video format outputs (ntsc or pal, frames per sec, etc). If these terms are all new for you i suggest reading some wikipedia pages first.

Mr Belvedere,

Thanks for taking the time off to help me out… yes indeed i have tried converting in both NTSC as well as PAL… I tried Nero Vision but it doesnt let me have multiple discs (like CD 1 of 2, CD 2 of 2).

When I try to convert this AVI file and burn it as VideoCD, 2 things happen which are out of my comprehension - one, the file does convert but the picture becomes inverted; and two, it still doesn’t shrink to a single disc.

Hope I’m not confusing you here… :frowning:

Use an MPEG file splitter.

Use VCD Easy to author.

Depending on the length of the movie converting it to a single vcd may cause the quality to suffer. If you have a dvd burner why not try vsoDivxtodvd The freeware version should get the job done just fine.

It dpends not on the size of the file but the length of time its running.