I want to start out by saying Hi.


At any rate, I recently got a dvd burner and I would like to back up the kids DVD collection.

I started out by downloading Clonedvd. I don’t know if this is from elaborate bytes or not, but I have used clonecd in the past and know it to be a good product.

I digress. I attempted to copy a dvd. It was apparently working, but very slowly. I let it go over night. In the morning it was at 58%. I haven’t even started to burn the thing yet.

After much adu and trying my various options I downloaded clonedvd 2 (which I am certain is elaborate bytes) and started the process. It promptly informed me that the dvd was copy protected and I needed to get a CSS editor. This is becoming aggravating. It is my legal right to make backups of my dvd’s.

I have quite a few dvd’s that I would like to backup. I really don’t want to tie up my machine for 2 days per disk (XP Pro, P4-2.66, 512 Ram etc…)

I am at a loss. What do I need to do at this point?

Thanks in advance!!!


To make sure it is from Slysoft just check fot the sheep, or have a look at the version. Latest should be

It is true, you need an additional tool. AnyDVD from Slysoft, e.g., or DVDDecrypter or DVD43 or anything like this. Those tools remove the copy protection.

Try this first, and come back if your machine is still slow.


Haaaaaa! I figured it out. Yes you are 100% correct. I am using anydvd and it seems to be working very well.

I am using clonedvd 2. Now all I need to do is figure out how to split the disk so I don’t lose quality.

Clonedvd 1 had a check box. I am assuming I can also do it with clonedvd 2.



Yes, you can split the dvd.
Under the preview window, you can use the “scissor” to cut the movie…But which movie is large enough that splitting is an alternative to “shrinking” ?


Ooops sorry, double post. Something is wrong with my internet connection

Yes you can split the movie with the “scissor” (under the preview window).


Outstanding! It worked!

One didn’t, I got an error, but the second on did!

Thanks for all. Now I will not have to buy two copies of everything!@!!


when did they come out with version has anyone had any problems with this version?


And no problems so far.


CloneDVD has an automatic update check. If you are so keen on new versions, you really should enable it.


thanks i did, already did the update and really enjoy it.