Greetings and Question about DRM removal through capturing or better way? Where to post?



Hi everyone,

First off let me say that this site is a god send as I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to find a place for information regarding digital media and my options of controlling my purhcased media. So in case you haven’t heard this in a while, thank you very much for your time and devotion to this type of work.

Now my problem: I know you’ve come across this before and hopefully there is another option for me. I found two TV series that I want in HD quality. The only place that has this option is :aAmazon Unbox:a. I purchased both series (not rented) but am aboslutely frustrated at having to sit at my computer to watch them through unbox or through a webpage.

All my other media is setup on a Mac Mini under my TV which I use XBMC to view. I have all my DVDs and BluRays neatly sorted and I want to add these shows to this setup as well.

I have tried the Aimersoft DRM remover evaluation (my specs are quad core q6600, ati 5770, 4gb ram, win7) to capture a test video and it was absolutely horrible. I am pulling my hair out as it seems that I’m stuck and irritated that I bought these shows, and should be able to view them as I see fit. I want to keep the quality of the show as it was originally presented ( I even bought the DVD Seasons but pale in comparison.

I truly am :bow::bow: begging :bow::bow: for any solution to help me out as this would mean the world to myself and wife (as these were two of her favorite shows and would be a great valentines day gift). I can provide proof that I do own these shows just let me know how.

I have no problem waiting for someone crack the drm key either however I have scoured and found no hints of anyone working on it (of course if they were they’d keep it secret).


The major decryption programs do not support the encrypted video download formats. As far as I am aware, the only way to copy them now is to use a capture program, which will NOT produce the same quality as the original.

The most reputable capture program for this is called Tunebite. Most of the rest, like Aimersoft, are variations on a theme, produced by the same group of Chinese companies.

If you want complete control over the use of media that you have purchased, you are much better off buying dvds or blu ray, as you are no doubt already aware. Streaming video is for convenience, not permanent ownership with control by the purchaser.

As streaming becomes more and more dominant, I suspect there will be more companies looking into cracking the drm used on the various formats, but at the moment, that is not happening.