Green square distortion

hi please can someone help me with a problem i have been having when burning files to a dvd as it allways seems to have green squares at certain times in the film please can someone tell me whats going wrong. (and sorry if this has allready been posted)

anyone im desparate

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It’s probably the media your using. What media are you using?

what do you mean by media im sort of a newbie and thanks for the reply

Do you have Nero? If you don’t you can use Nero CD-DVD Speed for free and put a disc in the drive and click on the Disc Info tab.

Media=blank disc

thanks il give it a try but what exactly does it do

You can test your media/discs with it. It’s a great tool to have :slight_smile:

Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim branded media’s are the best to use by the way.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of files are you talking about? Are you backing up retail dvds or perhaps something that has been converted to mpeg or dvd format?

The reason I ask is that you can sometimes get pixelation or other imperfections when converting. So it could be the media as rolling56 suggested, or it could already exist in the files. Do they play ok in the computer?

Also what brand/model of burner do you use?

And when you get that program do a Burst rate test please. Put an already burned disc in your drive to do the test.

You can post a screen shot by clicking on the floppy icon by the close button. Save it to .png and post it here by using the advanced button below where you type your message and using Manage Attachments.

their movies from my computer that im trying to put onto disk so its dvd format i think but i heard it might be something to do with my conversion speed

oh i see. Well it would still be a good idea to see what discs/media you are using. If your using crappy media then that might be the problem.

If it’s the conversion then that’s a different story.

the program im using is easy avi divx xvid to dvd burner

Have you had success using it before?

no i dont think its ever worked

Try playing the converted files on the computer just to see if the imperfections are already in there. You’ll need a program that can play dvds, like VLC or PowerDVD or WinDVD.

And it would be good to know the id code on your disks too. Follow rolling56’s advice on posting the results from Nero CD/DVD Speed.

Well that sucks. Maybe someone else knows a better program for you to use.

Avi2dvd and Dvdflick are two free programs you might look at. SUPER is another.

ConvertXtoDVD is a commercial one-step program that many seem to like.

But conversion success depends quite a lot on your input files. Many of these simple programs don’t seem to handle xvid files with variable bit rate mp3 audio very well.

thanks il give some of these a try

thanks ive just tried ConvertXtoDVD and it works like a dream but a little jittery in places but i think the settings just need fiddling around wiv