Green Screen problem

I’ve tried Nero Vision and 1Click to burn a DVD file, and while the file is transcoding the preview looks fine. But when I burn it to the disk and play it I get a green screen with little flat blocks in a zigzag pattern. I have four or five conversion/copying programs and one of them actually showed the green screen in the preview window. There was two check boxes that I think had sliders for aspect ratios. But I have no idea what to do with this. The audio is fine.

I am fairly new to DVD burning, someone please help

What decrypter are you using??

If your using dvd43 - i suggest tossing that, doing a search for anything dvd43 on your computer… and deleting this as well

Download AnyDVD - its free for 21 days (you could also try DVD Fab)

Use 1click and decrypt the files to a folder on your hard drive… play those files at random to see if you are able to view the movie that you are trying to backup… then burn those files back to blank media.