Green recording surface cdr

Just wondering if anybody can help me out.

Trying to find some inkjet printable cdr media but they have to have a green recordable surface here in Australia.

I need green as my cd player only seems to like the green recording surface cdrs and doesn’t like the gold and silver very well.

Maybe a web site or somwhere which lists this information.
or people can let me kow what cdr brands and part numbers they know of with a green recording surface

As spindles are usualy shrink wrapped and no way of checking the recordign surface color before purchase.

Got an old tdk with a blue recording surface and that seems ok as well. But still prefer to get Green as I’ve been using that for a while but my supplier no longer stocks them. Only the cheaper Gold media.

Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs use the green (cyanine) dye. Since you’re in AU check JPL Displays.