Green picture

I am wondering why some of my tapes show up with alot of green on the picture…this is only when i play them through my DVD recorder. My VCR is hooked up to my DVD recorder but when i unhook it and play the tapes on the VCR alone they play perfectly…I’m from Australia and our system is PAL…the tapes wre sent from America but they work properly on my VCR…im wondering why the picture is coming out all green…the DVD recorder has a function to switch between PAL and NTSC but that is not helping either…do i need to enter some sort of multi region code or sumthing in order for it to play properly? if so how do i do it because there is no option to enter any codes as far as i can tell on the menu interface…

i know these must be very basic questions but i am not that well versed in technology lol…i havn’t even had a DVD player before untill today i have only been using VHS…thnx to anyone who can help me out.


Sounds like copyright protection I believe.

Try to copy one of your tapes (in region free format) then play the copied one if you have the same problem then as Scoob suggested may be the Tapes (VCR format) are copy protected. In this case you need a device called :Video Enhancer" like SIMA-1 or -2 or -200 to be connected between your VCR Output and your DVD Recorder or player Input in order to remove any copy protection from the tapes.