Green light during burn



Green light occasionally flashes during red burn light. Is this normal? I’m burning Maxell 8x +r with nero. Also the light flashes red again after the burn is complete prior to nero ejecting the disk. After the disk ejects I get an hourglass and nero sometimes locks up forcing a hard reboot. But no coasters yet. All burns scan nicely in cd speed.

DW 1620 FW B7P9.
P4 2.4 ghz
768 ram
defragged 160G maxtor


I don’t use Nero, only DVD Decrypter. However, a few times during burning a DVD, the status indicator on my drive will change from blinking red to green momentarily, but quickly goes back to the red.


Same here, I’ve notice the green light during a burn. Haven’t thought about it too much, probably a buffer thing. Wouldn’t worry about the light, might want to check out why Nero is locking up on ya.


The green light during burning indicates the walking opc is doing its thing … nothing to worry about.


On both 1620s that I have had, the green light flashes every so often while burning. Has happened with any burning program that I have tried.

For anyone out there using Nero, where does your buffer sit while burning? Mine seems to be all over the place, jumping anywhere from around 25% to 99%.


As the others have said the LED operation is normal, Nero locking after a burn doesnt sound right though ?

Try uninstalling Nero & then run their clean tool and afterwards reinstall it.

And also I would suggest running Memtest+ in case the system has a corrupt RAM stick as DVD burning eats up system RAM and it “might” be one of the reasons Nero locks.


mine hangs out around 95% doesn’t really drop much.


WOPC or Seamless Link (Buffer underrun protection) indicates the green light while burning process. Look at Buffer Status, when the green light indicates. If buffer level is low; this means Seamless Link is in use. I think too much of this could decrease write quality. Defrag your harddrive to avoid this.


tonythetonguc is right … it can - and probably will - “decrease write quality” and will result in more errors (PIE/PIF but not POF) - but those errors are normally NOT IN YOUR DATA on the DVD but in the “link areas” written on the disc - which are ignored or read more tolerantly by writers anyway.

So while you will surely get your data off that DVD with the writer (any writer which is ok as a reader), it MAY give problems in drives from the pre-DVD-writing era. It MAY also effect the read transfer rate as those areas are to be skipped in reading, but I never encountered that.

I hope I got this right?


I think you are suffering buffer underruns … my drive buffer only moves between somewhere in the 80%s and 99%. Check your DMA mode as often suggested. Be sure it is UDMA 2 and not sth like Multiword-DMA.

There are thread regarding the right IDE settings and how to obtain them.


Glad to hear the green led blinks are normal. Buffer jumps between 84 and 98%. After some experimentation I found that giving the drive time to spin down before selecting done prevents nero pause/freeze. Thanks for the help.


I think you should look into that issue … it shouldnt happen! I never encountered sth like that.

Maybe uninstalling Nero, running all the Nero cleantools (from support/utilities), rebooting and reinstalling may help. But I dont know, I used those tools when I wanted to get rid of all of InCD (which sucks badly).


This may be an issue with sis chipset or some other hardware. Yesterday I formatted hard drive and reinstalled xp and nero with same results. I then exchanged the drive at local retailer. Red led still came on after burn was complete just prior to disc ejection, followed by a long period of hourglass and sometimes a system freeze. So far this hasnt happened as long as I wait a minute before clicking on done. I also ran memtest and all was good. I’m using the latest version of nero. This behaviour only happens when burning +r discs.