Green Light always on - LTR 16102B

Hi. Anyone got any ideas to the following problem?

I have a Lite ON It LTR-16102B CD-RW Drive which I purchased this drive last December from a local company. At the end of February I was having problems with the drive - when the computer was turned on, the green power light on the drive would remain on. I took my computer with the drive to the company from where I bought it from and they took apart both my computer and the drive and managed to get it working. Since then I haven’t had any problems, until today.

I switched on my computer today and the green light remained on, and once more the drive remains unoperable - the BIOS of the computer doesn’t see the drive and I cannot eject it (there isn’t any media in the drive). I have replaced the IDE cable but still no luck. Unfortunately when I tried to call the company I bought it from, I found that they have shut-down for good - hence I can no longer receive support.

AS the drive is still under warrenty, where would I be able to get it repaired in the UK? Or has anyone else experienced the green light problem

Many Thanks

Steven Kilcline

well this is just a stab in the dark but have you tried flashing to newer firmware?
if this dont work, USE mtkflash and a .bin file from oc-freak in lite-on forums.

thats is about all i can think of if this dont work then your drive is probably no good and u will have to buy a new one :frowning:

Thanks - in the end I took the drive to bits and put it together again - this sort of worked until I put the drive back into the computer (ie into one of the bays and not loose on top)… so I took it apart again, put it together and it worked - I flashed with the latest F/Ware update and since then no probs (touch wood) !