Green Day offers Blank CD-Rs with Artwork

I just posted the article Green Day offers Blank CD-Rs with Artwork.

 werewolves used our news submit  to tell  us that the band Green Day responsible for such songs as American idiot and  Basket case are now selling cdr's through their website. For 7 dollars...
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Hey!!! They are missing 3 albums…Ha! You can never make us happy…NEVER!!!

refreshing attitude!!! Perhaps there’s hope for artists after all… Now when’s the RIAA gonna condemn this?

I agree, this is a band that has the right idea. In clamping down on thieves (like the RIAA), you hurt the people who like your music and want to listen to it, but want make their own mix of your music. Cheers to Green Day, and other artists who stand up for their fans! I’m not a huge Green Day fan, but I’m thinking of buying some of these CD-Rs just to support the idea!
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Ehhh its ok but what if u get it mixed up with the real one u own hahahaha. on another note if other bands start doing this more people might buy them in hopes of making the real album on them and tring to sell them as the real disc. so it could inturn be a problem.

I really have to agree with PhIbErOpTiK, this simply opens the doors for bootleggers to burn copies and sell them on the street or te rocord stores because if they have teh same cover as the actual CD, nobody well know the difference (except for maybe when they listen) Seemed like a good idea at first, but in retrospect I think their going to see this was a horrible idea.

Rubbish. If your willing to pay money for a cd from some guy on a corner store, then flip the cd over and see if its been burnt or not.