Green as Grass Newbie - AnyDVD Issues with IP

A friend suggested I try AnyDvd to get away from the balky and unreliable DvdXcopy. I have tried to download and install the trial twice, and on both occasions it disabled mu internet connection. Uninstalled AnyDVD using My Uninstaller and things went back to normal the first time, but had to resort to a Restore Settings to Previous to get things back the second time.

I’ve scanned through previous posts, but ahven’t found anything that appears on-point. Is this problem unique to my PC (Dell Dimension 8300) :confused: ?

Tiny in Ohio

That is strange. Perhaps you should repost this in the AnyDVD forum here at cdfreaks

As an alternative, you might want to try DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink. Two free programs that may meet your needs. Neither are being updated anymore, but are still excellent programs, easy to learn. I believe you can still download both at
Look through the tutorials for them, either here in the Copy DVD forum or at