Greek holiday warning on fake CDs, buy them you go to Jail



I just posted the article Greek holiday warning on fake CDs, buy them you go to Jail.

 Quakester2000 used our news submit to tell us about yet another way to go to prison for copyright abuse.  This time we are in Greece.                                                             ...
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3 months!? Yea right… Im sure they have no room in their prison system for buyers of counterfeit CD’s… I like how they fail to even mention any action toward the sellers… :r


Nigerians who are behind these pirated CD orgs (99% of the cases) multiply like flies They do get convicted (months rather than years) but it seems that there are 2 more for every one getting behind bars :B As for the buyers, i assume they only pay a fine, depending on the sentence.


If a person can be found buying a pirate cd. Why cant they targeting the Sellers? Isn’t this Kind of Stupid! cheers megod


It seems that not only do greeks have sex the wrong way, but also the enactment of their laws…screw the tourist, smack the seller on the wrist…love souvlaki, hate greeks with their noses up coporate arse…:X


Unless they can prove that you knew the cds were pirated they can’t do nothing right? or else they would be jailing an innocent person.


@Sherrif fy :d


Sherrif, I’m trying very hard to figure out the reason that made you form this view regarding Greeks…and the only thing I can come up with is your strong belief in the things that your wife has told you about Greek men in order to gain your permission to visit Greece for holidays on her own…:wink:


Not true about prison. About copy cd’s yes they sell many. They don’t do nothing to tourist.


greeks yes i guess we are the only ones on this planet that sell pirated cd’s get real! piracy is world wide and no we dont screw the tourists…when they purchase pirated cd’s they screw themselves and as for us Greeks screwing backwards or whatever we are good at it just check out the porn counter at your local video store from behind baby?


hey hey HEY…I’m being facetious here…a little self depreciation never hurt anyone…helps you remember your place in the scheme of things… You trying to tell me you have no rsols over there who make a living ripping off tourists, we got them here…lighten up or I’ll have to come over and bitchslap ya…:X
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LOL of course there are - wherever there are tourists there’s rsols also :B Authorities should copncentrate they’re efforts on the pirates themselves thats for sure - i do believe that this is an isolated incident anyways. Its all related with the Olympic Games fever :stuck_out_tongue:


bitch slap ya mama dude take your 12 year old atitude and shove it in your arse u started the greek flame war not me!


lol out of the 10.000.000 pirated copies that sell each year in greece they arrested a family man who probably didn’t have 50euros to buy the real cd’s… the music industry should adapt the prices - or atleast prove that they are not thieves selling each cd 20euros or more. and no i do not believe that the production cost is more than a euro - at the quantities produced - and the rest 19 euros are a total theft! in addition - the music these days SUCKs. each and every lamer singer produces an album and wants to get paid for it. anyway