Greek and British Police break illegal software ring

I just posted the article Greek and British Police break illegal software ring.

 GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that a joint effort between  both Greek and British police has broken a multi million dollar illegal  software sales ring. Two people were...
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Hmm, I wonder if it’s such a specialised software product if there were that many buyers?

I am Greek and I am surprised that the arrest was in Athens and not in England. Policemen in Greece are afraid of facing the enemy(to do their job). They are afraid of their lives and if they see that something happens many times they do not cure. In some areas that the citizens have problems of thefts because the policemen do not cure they have started guarding them with schedule on their own. It’s unbelievable they did something like that. Here in Greece people sell copied CDs in the streets, the police watches them and they don’t do anything.:c

Sorry for the word cure. I was confused. It is care.:slight_smile:

Two persons are a ring now?