Greedy BPI extracts more money from parents via civil suits

I just posted the article Greedy BPI extracts more money from parents via civil suits.

 cdb000 used our news submit to tell us that 

another parent has been hit with a hefty £2,500 fine by the BPI
after her child had been found downloading music from the…

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Offer to pay it back at £1 a week Mrs Price. So long as you show you are willing to pay it back i dont think the courts can force you to pay it back in one payment.

Im not really sure if that is possible to do as the story seems to indicate she has to have the money raise by end of july, maybe someone with legal knowledge or someoneone on the recieving end of a suit can tell us if this can be done, paying a pound a month.

Make that a £1 a month, sounds much more reasonable to me… :d With the BPI supporting top quality acts like Girls Aloud, and Crazy Frog…a pound a month is all their worth…

i would have thought courts would rather a person attempt to pay off any fines etc than send them to overcrowded prisons.

OK, now where’s the reactions from all the EU America haters that constantly spout off about how terrible america is and how their “rights” are protected? lol.

This doesn’t require America bashing so they don’t have anything to say. Only if it were again happening in America, then they would come out of the woodwork and let us know how they really feel.

Well I’m an Irish citizen living in the UK through a quirk of birth. We have gangs of “feral” kids stalking the streets, wrecking and destroying everything they can get their filthy mitts on while their parents sit at home, or in bars and clubs, who will defend their poor defenceless little darlings while refusing to care for them, and nothing is done about it. My wife and I were the victims of “Road Rage” at the hands of a 19-year-old spoilt brat on the first of March this year. I suffered a broken finger in two places, ligament damage to both hands and cuts and bruises to my face. Our car was also rammed in the process. He was arrested and charged with dangerous driving and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Then the dangerous driving charge was dropped. If found guilty, he would have faced a prison spell and lost his license. Now most likely he’ll get a conditional discharge. A “big business corporation”, however, decides that, rather than streamline an industry bursting at the seams with shite, they’ll screw the underdog for evey penny they haven’t got, and suddenly the legal system goes into overdrive to help them do it and parents are suddenly responsible for their kids’ actions. It’s an absoute disgrace, but hey, they pay their Labour Party donations.

Talking about road rage… The next thing will be the guy in the car next to you, with the car stereo turned up to maximum being charged with distributing music illegally :)… oops… better not give them any ideas.

I’m no legal expert, but If I’m not mistaken the BPI have probabally sent her a corperate “fine” (i.e. a bill) for the £2,500 and given her a deadline of July to pay up otherwise she will go to court. All very legal. With the offer to pay £1 per week / month / whatever, she could try, as it is your right to offer a “reasonable” amount, as no-one can force you to pay more than you can afford under british law, BUT the BPI can ask a court to put you into bankruptsy if you don’t pay up, and a judge will decide how much you can afford, or make you bankrupt. The offer of a pound a week use to work very well (as I Have Piles pointed out you are willing to pay, just a low amount), but the law has been retuned to stop abuse of the loophole.

I thought the UK had a levy system intact on all media to reimburse the BPI artists for any infringment. IF you peeps do and this BS is happening, then the levy on all media should be lifted. They are double dipping and that is not only unfari to the consumer, but also to the artists as well, for who is to say they will see ANY of this money at all. I know here in Canada we have a levy on all media, and the CRIA is pissed because the artists made more money in levies last year then they did in royalties. Kinda tells you that either Canada has a tonne of people burning, or the royalt system pays out squeat. I think we all know what it is