Great scans; errors after 100%? SonyD21 +R

LITE-ON 812S as 832S. Running great with CG5J firmware that even burns some decent -Rs. However, as always with this drive, +R discs do much better.

I just started using a can of Sony D21 (16x) code 50DPR47LS4, bought at CompUSA.

I haven’t done any 8x burns yet (busy system). The few 4x burns I’ve done, play great and have the best scans I’ve seen the drive do…except all the scans list errors at the very end. See example, errors: 65*, in this case.

These show only after the 100% mark pops. I suspect they are of no importance because playback is not affected but other opinions would be welcome. TIA!


*BTW, what kind of errors does the figure refer to?

They’re failure to read errors, but your right they’re nothing to worry about. The application you are using to burn the disc is not closing the disc properly, which cause KProbe to read past the end of the data on the disc, to the unburnt area. :wink:

Thanks. I am using Nero 6 and all the tested burns have been ISO images so I’ve never checked the “close disc” box. Maybe I should try it.