Great SATA CD/DVD Burners

As most people are still using IDE drives and as I can hardly find anything about SATA drives I decided to start this thread.

Main reason is that I just build a new system and it only has 1 IDE port (Which means I can only hook up 2 IDE Devices), now I’d like to keep my Lite-On CD burner, but I can’t hook up my DVD burner as I’d like to be able to hook up another HDD when it’s neccesary (Sure I could swap drives, but that really suxxors IMO…been there, done that).

I won’t bother you with the current drives I have as it’s not my intention to find the best drive for me, I just want to know what YOU think is a great SATA burner (Either CD and/or DVD).


You can buy a PCI/IDE card. I have no idea what is available in your area though. I’m in the USA.

You’re missing the point, I already have a PCI IDE (RAID) card, but when running 2 7900 GTO cards (for example, I’ve got 1 already) there’s only 1 PCI slot left, sure I could buy a frikkin’ expensive external USB burner, but that’s not what I’m looking for.
What about my PVR, Sound card and what not? they all need sluts…uuh slots;)

MMM…why can’t I edit the first post? Would a MOD be kind enough to edit the title to make it say “Great SATA CD/DVD Burners” instead of “Great SATA DVD Burners”? Thank You!

oh i see but you never said you didn’t have any PCI slots left. I was trying to help you save you from switching your IDE DVD drives. You could buy a SATA hdd and boot from it. I’m in kind of the same situation. I have 4 IDE DVD drives, 2 SATA DVD drives, 2 IDE hdd drives, and 1 SATA hdd drive running at the same time with 1 PCI/IDE card involved. The SATA DVD drives run fine. 1 LG-H62L and 1 Samsung 183L. I like the LG better though.

I have 3 or 4 more SATA slots open :slight_smile:

What mobo do you have?

You only get 30 minutes to edit your post :wink:

You could get the SATA/IDE Adapter (Connect IDE Devices to SATA Port on Motherboard). It’s like $15 in the US.

Do you have one in mind to recommend? I’m in the US :slight_smile:

The one I have is out of stock at Newegg, but something like this might work?

If it works for you it should work for me? Say’s in stock here :confused: I happen to have my CC out from buying some s/w i like so i will order this too :rolleyes:

This is the one I use.

Sorry about confusion.

lol i have to cancel my order now :bigsmile: oh well. Thanks for the info.

Your sure now :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about that. :o

These might also work…, but no guarantee. :bigsmile:

Sorry OP for being off topic :o

I’d rather have the same one that i know and it works :slight_smile: If it doesn’t work i’ll send it back :slight_smile: no biggie Thanks again. I’m on auto notify.

In stock so i ordered one today.