Great Ritek G04 deal

26.50 for a 50 pack seems like a great deal to me.

I believe Newegg had a 50 pack for 24.99, last I checked. I think other stores like and meritline are selling them for rougly 50 cents per disc too.

Huh, cool! I thought maybe this was a fluke, but a price drop across the board is always appreciated!

oh, we have some Ritek G04 fans here.
Are you getting good results?
What recorder do you use?

I’ve got a ND-2510A, using Ridata branded G04’s.

The burns seem to complete fine, but when I try checking them with Nero CD/DVD speed I tend to get a strange dip at the end where the read speed sinks down to like 2x instead of tapering off at 8x or so. However, the media seems to be intact, it plays in my DVD drive, and I’ve tried copying it back to my HD, which all work. The last disc I burnt failed to complete the CD/DVD speed test, citing a read error towards the end of the disc. Tried copying it back to HD, and it worked.

I’m not really sure what the problem is, since I haven’t had an opportunity to try any other media.

Might use G04 if someone paid me :stuck_out_tongue:

@Tekhna, are you using the NEC 2500A/2510A?
have you checked the DVDs with CD/DVD Speed, or Kprobe?

maybe those who are happy is just because they haven’t tested the DVDs.
Have you used KProbe?

what kind of problem have you had? What recorders have you tried with those G04?

Haven’t used KProbe since I don’t have any Lite-on drives – will try with my friend’s drive tomorrow. So is the general concensus for G04’s pretty bad? I might try getting some Samsung Taiyo Yudens, but ugh, I hate how I wasted $27 on unreliable media.

I just hope it’s not my burner/computer…

I am still a beginner, but for what I have read, the NEC 2500-2510 has some problems writing on Ritek media. There are modded firmwares that improve performance on Riteks. You may try them.

Anyway, even if you get bad scans with KProbe or CDSPEED, the discs will probably be usable, and you will have no big problems with them (in fact, that is what you have experienced)

I have a bunch of the G04’s and have been writing them to test with my liteon 812s@832s, plextor 708a, msi dr8a, and sony dru-530a and I have problems with all all the drives, as we speak have been burning 4.3 gigs on the sony dru-530a and it has so much trouble it’s taking almost 40 minutes and is not finished yet. I have no problem with good quality name brand dvd’s. The ritek disc s are really crappy and I will not buy any of them again.

:frowning: :a :o :confused: :Z

If you want to buy Ritek G04, BUY THE REAL RITEK G04… don’t buy unbranded disk with RitekG04 media code just because they have its code. As you know, RItek G04 quality has been varying a lot. Trust me if you want to buy Ritek G04, buy the branded one such as Ridata. I had a very bad experience with silver shiny top G04 bought from shop4tech. They produce coasters with my NEC 2500a. Just my experience…

too many horror stories about Ritek G04. Used Ritek R03 - not impressed. FInd that Bulkpaq R03 (8x +R) are much better with my 2500A, although Verbatim MMC (or is it MCC) are the muts-nuts. Haven’t tried Tayo Yuden - not easy to get around here.

Just clicked on a link to this to this site and found this thread.

FYI, I’ve burned over 500 G03s and at most had 2 to 3 coasters. I just started using RiData G04s as Meritline had a great sale (100 for $44 incl. ship) and so far, knock on wood, have not had any problems. They all burned at 4X on my Sony SRU-500a using firmware 2.1a. I’m going to try to burn them on my Lite-On LDW-411 on my secondary PC and see how well they do.

As for playing, they play on all of my standalone players: Panasonic DMR-E30, JVC XV-N44, Toshiba SD-K710, my daughter’s Broksonic TV/DVD combo(!), the no-name DVD player in my SUV, and even my ancient Pioneer DV-500 (from 1996!). I’m going to dig up my old Toshiba SD-3109 dual player in the attic and try them out on that as well.

I’ve never had a problem with RiTeks and will continue to purchase them in bulk whenever I can get a great deal. Good luck and happy burning!

Hello, have anybody successfully burned the Ritek G04 DVD-R 4X on MicroAdvantage 8DVDRW – DVD±RW 8X Superdrive using Nero 6 burning software? Have not have any problem with the Ritek DVD+R, but can not get a single -R burned yet. 4 bad ones so far. Thanks