Great results with 832S and FUJIFILM03


I bought the LiteOn 832S burner and 250 of the grey DataWrite 8x DVD-R (FUJIFILM03) disks. I do get quite mixed results, but so far no coasters in almost 30 burns.

My best kProbe scan is attached. Normally PI errors vary from 20-100. I’m very happy about the burner. It does everything it’s supposed to do, properly, and the written movies play on our DVD player of the house.
I burn at 6x as my network cannot support 8x burning.

please scan at 4x

yes allways use kprobe at 4X also i’m curious…what ya mean your network wont allow for 8x burns? creating compilations on 1 pc and sending them to a burner on another?

The speed of the network, 100 MBit, is only fast enough for 6x burns. I’m burning data off a server from my local area network. I’m making a 4x scan now, but it isn’t as good looking as the 2x scan.

Edit: Added 4x scan.

And these scans are at 8x and at 12x, and a transfer rate graph from Nero:

Here is FUJIFILM03 8x speed burn as they declare INTENSO 8X

I don’t think it’s great.