"Great Quality" May Be Genuine Sony MIT (Daxon or Lead Data)

So, in a post over in the bargain basement a month or two ago, the venerable Great Quality brand of DVD media that Fry’s Electronics in the states sells came up in a discussion. Someone mentioned that the 16x media codes have been reported as being SONY16D1 or SONYD21, but I speculated that they were probably fake. ScoobieDoobie then countered that by saying we don’t know for sure, because reports of how they burned for some people seemed to be similar to that of Sony. I said back to Scoobie that only the hub codes would tell us for sure.

Well, it seems that very few people have ever bothered to either look at the hub codes on GQ media, or the people who bought them weren’t experienced enough to know what to look for, so we never got any confirmation on exactly who was making them. GQ media has such a bad reputation, mostly due to the old 4x and 8x media, that no one bothered to see if anything had changed with the 16x disks. The 4x and 8x media could be any kind of crap, with innumerable media codes, so people threw up their hands, and relegated it to the Princo and G05 dustbin.

So, I happened to be near a Fry’s today, and decided to take a closer look. Turns out they were on sale ($6 for a 50-pack after rebate), so I grabbed a pack of -Rs. I haven’t opened it just yet (that will come soon), but the first thing I noticed is that the batch codes are the same as genuine Sony disks. The top disk on my GQ pack reads:

DRM2GG0001 4B

The batch code on one of my genuine Sony-brand disks reads:

DRM5GG0001 3X

I also noticed that the cakebox looks eerily similar to the Sony MIT packages, including the same lock+open font on the top. All the packs I checked at the store looked the same, and had the same Sony-style codes.

So, as of this moment, I’m inclined to believe that current 16x GQ media is being made by either Daxon or Lead Data, and is somewhat equivalent to Sony MIT media.

For reference, my MIM SONY16D1 have the DRM5GG0001 45 batch code. My MIJ SONY16D1 have the DRM5GG0001 5H batch code. I’m not sure about that GQ batch code, since the genuine Sony discs are all DRM5 thus far. How do they scan?

Can’t say I didn’t tell ya :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ve been using better media with much of their 8x and 16x media.

One more piece of info, the rebate form for the DVDs I bought at Fry’s lists a company called ProMedia Tech as the rebate processor. A little whois on their domain promedia-tech.com shows me that ProMedia is actually:

Lead Data USA Inc.
10630 Carmenita Road
Cerritos, California 90703
United States

Voila! So, the GQ media are most likely Lead Data produced Sonys.

That may also explain the “2” instead of the normal “5” in the batch code. the “5” is reserved for Sony and Daxon, while “2” designates Lead Data disks.

I’ve bought ProMedia branded discs before, it was about 3 years ago but they were also LeadData discs if I recall correctly. I don’t know if any media is even branded under that name anymore, and my discs seemed like an oddity at the time.

The first scan is of a Daxon-Sony, the second is of the LeadData-Sony. Both were burned at 8x. Oh, and pay no attention to the consistent 1-height PIFs. That’s because my main burner is in an enclosure, but I’m using BSRB instead of BEGB for it.

GQ sony’s are made by lead data. I think I have confirmed this quite some times befor on htis board.
The technology used is genuine sony technology. However quality standards for GQ are lower as branded sony disc’s.

We also get Lead Data made Sony under an in-house brand. Burn quality is great for most discs that have a flawless appearance. There is the occasional flawless looking disc with very high PIE/PIF spikes.

Some spindles contain discs that clearly failed QC.

BTW, it is priced at around 7-9$ per 50 depending on the printed design.

Interesting discussion. I have avoided GQ discs like the plague for the last couple years, as most of my older 4x and 8x discs of theirs failed spectacularly, losing much data forever. But I do have to admit that the last batches I bought, the 16x discs, actually have held up quite well.

Any idea why Lead Data would sell these discs at such a discount over their Sony branded ones? Maybe if a batch doesn’t quite pass all the QA tests at a certain level, they get stamped GQ and sent out to Fry’s?

Yep, apparently. :slight_smile:
Could also be overproductions, canceled orders, and stuff like that… :confused:

Could you point out some threads? I did some searching before I posted this, but didn’t see anything.

Could someone please explain to me what GQ discs are??


Im interested because i bought a new pack of my old faithfull Sony16D1 and these are behaving rather different than the previous 200 I burned before!!

[QUOTE=mabhz;1979380]Could someone please explain to me what GQ discs are??


Im interested because i bought a new pack of my old faithfull Sony16D1 and these are behaving rather different than the previous 200 I burned before!![/QUOTE]

GQ, or Great Quality, is a brand of disc sold by Fry’s in the USA. In this thread, the GQ discs have a Sony MID.

So since your discs are Sony branded, then they’re probably best dealt with in your thread here. :slight_smile:

GQ discs are discs that are sold under the “Great Quality” (GQ) brand by Fry’s Electronics. It’s a brand, not a technology or quality range :slight_smile:
Did you buy these SONY16D1 under the Great Quality brand or under the Sony brand?

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EDIT: Argh, Arachne beat me to a minute :D[/QUOTE]


Thanks for both of you for this explanation. Ill stick to my previous thread!
KG, i bought them under a Sony brand. They look identical to may previous 200 Sony16D1, that came in 25 packs with yellow label. Only problem is they dont burn OK on 4x, like the old ones. They gave me a bad transfer rate test, unless I burn them on 8x, which comes up with a flawless transfer rate test. I just would like to find out if these are original or fake ones.

Could you folks please contribute for the original thread at http://club.cdfreaks.com/f33/sony16d1-new-package-problems-236672/.

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