GREAT Program, just what i needed!

Let me say thanks to this GREAT program.

This is just what i have been searching for.
I have already burned over 10 DVD’s and there is NOTHING wrong with the sounds or the quality of the movie.

If anyone have any trouble with the quality after burning the movie, there must be something wrong with the computer setup.

I burn my movies with NERO. I think it is the fastest or easyest tool, but does anyone know a better way to burn the movie, let me know.

Again thanks for this tool…



I notice that you don’t said what is the program, however because we are at the DVD2one forum, I will assume that is it…

-DVD2one is very fast.

-easy to use.

-If you need to strip audio and the resultant files are less than 4.37 GB it doesn’t recompress video.

The only thing that I would not recomend you at this moment, is the use of Nero Burning Rom to burn your “VIDEO_TS” folder, better use Prassi DVD. Nero is not 100% compatible with standalong players. Even if at this moments your DVD’s can be play in your current DVD player, maybe in other DVD player will not (sadly I discover this when I bought a new DVD player)…



Yes i am talking about DVD2ONE

Can i burn DVD+R with Prassi Primo DVD ???

And, where can i download Prassi Primo DVD ???

Thanks in advance



I am not sure if it can burn to a DVD+R, but here is their site:

What I know is that it cannot be use with Sony DVD±R burner…


Hello Milkman,

Did you try the latest Nero ?
I did and in many players the DVD-R’s are just playing fine.
Wrote then on UDF/ISO - UDF 1.02 - ISO Level 2 (for full title label)
Erwin tested the beta 13 version and the compatibility problems should be solved according to him.
Best greetz,