Great news! Anti-DMCA bill introduced!

Read it at cNet
I’m glad not all congressmen can be bought for money. Hope this one makes it through.

WOOHOOO ! (first reaction)

Well , i sure hope this gets passed… Then we are clear of one thing… The people with power sometimes actually DO what the mob wanted.

Now… speaking of that mob… Do not expect to mob to throw away the entire mp3 technology… It has been introduced… massively used and that “spark of free(dom)” will also not go away quietly.

The thing with the labels doesn’t make me happy. When I bought Celin Dion - A new day has come the label “will not play on PC/MAC” was covered by the price label.
And what’s so big deal with this protections? There will always be someone who can pass it and after that it’s free. I can’t play that CD on my PC but I allredy have the mp3 version on my HDD.

The thing is… if this bill is about to be passed… the people who are against it will cough up the RIAA figures and smooth powerpoint presentations on how the mob already fucked up the entire audio business.

You might think “gee duh” , but if it weren’t for napster , it would have taken at least a lot more years before the audio bubble was about to burst. I think within 10 years. you don’t need to pay on anything audio anymore… you will pay for the extra’s and the merchandising… and get free cd’s.

They don’t need it anymore as well… they just uphold the audio sales as long as possible… and then… it’s time for the really corny crappy dvd market…

and some genius finds out how to compress dvd movies and even keeping the cool dolby ac-3 sound… and they will be distributed over the net…

oh wait … … damn… the mob is evil :slight_smile:

I think that everyone remembers this words: “I love my fans!”, “I’ll come back because my fans ask me!”, " I’m doing everything for my fans!". But they forgot to mention: “Everything means CD protection”.
And the same thing is in the IT. If nobody cracked Windows or other software, how many people would know about them, how many people would tell to his friend: “this one is the best” or “this one is improved”. And if nobody will do that who will buy that product only because they see a nice advertising about it?