Great job well done elby

The new clonecd is the best release I’ve seen yet. It even makes dumb people burn like pros :slight_smile:
I have been showing a few friends how to use clonecd on the older versions and can be a bit of a pain. Now all have upgraded now I’m not getting bugged all the time.

yes, but it is recommended that if u have a EFM compatible writer that u dont use or turn on AWS feaure (i.e. most newer lite-on drives)

just thought i would mention this :slight_smile:

Normally the AWS feature will have been disabled for writers which fully support EFM. There were some problems with older CloneCD versions where this didn’t work 100% but it has been fixed in the latest version Just thought I’d mention that :wink:

As posted by caddy I fully agree with his post.The need for proggy like clony is not really need any more to tell you the setting to place clonecd on,Ollie is a hero in my mind as what other program is able to back up most copy protections 100 % perfect. So three cheers to ollie.:bow:

All thats needed now is a protection scanner which will adjust settings according to the protection found and Masterpiece Complete!!!