GREAT DEAL! Phillips DVDr's (+ or -) 25 packs

On sale this week (April 2 - April 8) for $5.99

I assume you’re talking about the Circuit City sale?

Anyone have any idea on the MID’s on these discs?

i bought them once (8x +R) and they were CMC MAG E 01 i think it was a while ago…

check while you’re waiting for responses in here. that can give you an idea of what they’ve been lately…

OOPS!! Yes, Circuit City.

Per looks like either CMC MAG E01 for +R and CMC MAG AE1 for -R. 24c/disc is tempting…

ewww Philips, the best philips you can get is made by CMC,which is still pretty much, hmmp, trash. Most of them philips are made in China

CMC DVD media is made in Taiwan. [Oh yeah, and Taiwan is not China.] As far as quality, I’ll let the media speak for itself.

Agent, not all philips are MIT nowadays. Most philips are made in China. The old better philips were those CMC, but still, I am not a big fan of CMC. I never had any CMC spindles giving me 97 QS. The highest I ever got is 94 and total PIF is almost 3k on all my benQ and NEC burners

CMC Mag isn’t bad per se but IMHO there are better deals for $24+tax per 100.