Great Deal On New Desktop

Dell has been having some great 1 day sales recently.

Today’s deal is for a Dimension E310 with Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 521 w/HT Technology (2.8GHz,800FSB), Windows® XP Media Center 2005 Edition, and 19 Inch LCD.

$499.00 plus $29.00 S&H.

You probably can not buy the 19 inch LCD and Windows XP Media Center OS for the price of the whole computer.

I’ll buy a decent DVD writer and this is going to become a very nice 2nd computer for me.

My only suggestion is to make sure you add more memory. Only comes with 256K. Memory is cheap.



UPDATE: Upon completion of the order, S&H handling was also free.

What size is the PSU, if its under 400 watts I wouldn’t buy it, Dells PSUs are very hard to find one to replace, the ones you can buy don’t fit.

Dell’s PSUs are all proprietary, meaning, non-conforming to ATX standards. An off-the-shelf will not work since there are wire differences. The E310 has probably has the “Dell 250-W” PSU, which translates to something like a 300- or 350-W unit.

People don’t let their friends buy Dell. Most components are proprietary and cost a small fortune to replace. Great prices but loaded with more crap than you can imagine.

You are right. Would you spend 500USD on a PC that only has 250W PSU, you can’t even use any extra USB devices for fear that you won’t have enough power for the computer to function. The only Dell I would buy ( if I had to buy a Dell ) would be the XPS 600 with the 650Watt PSU.

Web site does not specify the PS. I am only going to be adding a new DVD writer and possibly some more memory later on, so was not worried about having a huge PS.

A quick google search comes with with lots of possibilities for replacing the PS if you want though.

As an example I found a adapter to allow to you use 3rd party PS on the dell.


So I would say the size of the PS should not be a big factor in your decision on buying this computer.


If you plan on adding all these “fixes” just to upgrade, why not just spend the extra and start right from the beginning? The big decision factor is “Dell.”

His point was that the 19" lcd and OS = to 500$, you dont have to use the computer you could sell it, strip it down use it for parts etc. Storm~

not to mention the CPU is ~$185 on newegg.

Can the OS shipped with Dell be loaded onto another computer? I have no experience with Windows shipped with dells but I thought I read somewhere that the OS could not be installed on any computer besides the one it came with. I may be way off on this.

If his point were as you said, why not titled it as “Great Deal on a 19” LCD & OS"?

Oh yeah, that 256-MB of DDR2 RAM will help so much today, I’m sure I could’ve used it when I had my Tandy 1000SX in 1988. How would you use a Dell-proprietary PSU on a ATX-standard motherboard?

Dell doesn’t ship the OS CDs anymore. They include a backed-up image of what’s on the computer when you receive it. So if you want to get the CDs, you have to pay to get them.

Thanks KTL,
So the OS can’t be used with other comps.

I still think it’s a good deal. I was going to build a computer for my dad. I had a day long argument with him about not getting a dell. He won in the end because I couldn’t come near dells price and all he was going to do with it was word processing/internet stuff. No games, photoshop, or anything like that.

cheapest 19" LCD on newegg ~ $230 + $185= $415 for the P4 and the monitor on newegg.

So an extra $100 or so for a fully fuctional computer is not bad, just keep in mind that many of the computers components are not of good quality and many upgrade options might not be possible such as a good graphics card (due to a weak PSU).

I’m sorry but the dell PSU’s are ATX PSU’s. I’ve replaced a couple with off-the-shelf replacements from the 'egg and they have worked flawlessly. This was the case several years ago, but it is not the case now.

Read the fine print. A lot of the Dell ‘package deals’ which include a monitor involve the use of refurbished units.