Great deal on 16X Dual Layer DVDRW Drives and Fuji DVD-R media @!

Hey everyone! PC Connection is running a great deal on 4 internal 16X Dual Layer drives and Fuji Media. There’s a lot of rebates involved, but it looks like you get a FREE 50 pk spindle of Fuji DVD-R after rebate and there’s a Sony, Plextor, Kanguru and NEC 16X DL DVDRW drive with a $50 rebate. You can get the NEC for something like $50 and the Kanguru drive for $39.95 after you do some mail in rebates. I ordered the Sony drive and media and will get almost $100 back in rebates! It’s a great deal!

Watch those Fuji rebates. Fuji rebates take a lot of monitoring and follow up to make sure they are fulfilled properly.

I got in on this deal over a week ago. At the time, the offer I was interested in was the retail NEC 3500 in black. Cost was $99.95 + shipping, minus $50 rebate. If you bought a 50-pack of Fuji -R media on the same order for $39.88, there was a $39.88 rebate for the media also. The rebates appear to be specific to PC Connection, they go to a White Plains, MN address. It’s not a Fuji rebate.

The deal is still good, but they only have the NEC 3500 OEM drive in black for $49 after rebate. They told me the retail black 3500 would be available (with rebate) again on the 22nd.

Correction, make that White Bear Lake, MN. Oops.

I heard that Kanguru is actually NEC 3500 OEM. Anyone can confirm that?

I just called Kanguru and they confirmed that their drive IS actually the NEC 3500. I’m heading over now for this great deal!

I received the Kanguru drive today from them. It is a NEC 3500A. Got software, audio cable, and screws too!