Great Deal @ Office Depot



Go to their website and add two 50 packs of Memorex DVD+R @ $79.97 each which will temporarily total $159.94 - Add this coupon, 32552335, which is $20.00 off of $75.00 or more. Then add this coupon 95749527, which is buy one get one free coupon as advertised in their flyer.

The grand total: $59.97 for 100 Discs!
I paid $63.46 total becasue of local tax.

plus you have the option of shipping to your home or picking up at your local store.

I have burned Memorex plenty and have had no problems.


Does anyone know what manufacturer Memorex uses for their discs?


Thanks for the tip. $63 for 100 DVD+r’s …!


CMC, RICOH, ect…


The two I got were Ricoh’s :smiley:




Thats an even better deal than mine! For some reason when I originally went to their website I couldnt find those packs… Maybe Ill try with them for an extra $10 off…

Thanks Rikk…


Just went to the OfficeDepot site and they already ran out of stock… I cant place a backorder with $20 off coupon…


Seems like the 20 off 75 is expired.

I can still use 87251213 , which is $10.00 off $50.00 Try that one


I just got my 2 50 spindles today, ordered sunday AM. They’re RICOHJPNR01.

Now if somebody would just put the Fuji -Rs (Taiyo Yuden) on sale…


I dont know if you can place a back order though…