Great cities to visit!

Like most people, I really like to visit beautiful cities. I’ve seen a few cities; the ones I like the best are Paris, Barcelona and Berlin. Ottawa was impressive too.

What are your favourite cities? And why?

Shanghai! :iagree:


Rome, beautiful city and the architecture is amazing.
Paris, great shops, really beautiful and so romantic.
Edinburgh, a really buzzing city with gorgeous public gardens.

There are many more cities I hope to visit. Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Barcelona are a few that springs to mind.

Cork, Ireland - it is like Edinburgh 20 years ago - you can walk everywhere - you will get the best pint of Murphy’s you will ever taste - and best of all you can not understand a thing the locals say, but they insist on just talking to you!!!

Damn, i forgot to add Dublin to my list. Thanks for the reminder abrown15
As well as being a beautiful city, as abrown15 points out, the Irish in general, must be amoung the most friendly people in the world.

If you go to Dublin - 2 things you have to do - visit the Guinnes factory - a great tour, finished with the best pint of Guinnes in a 360 deg glass bar overlooking Dublin - the second is to do the Viking Splash tour - a tour bus with a difference - it is an old WW2 DWUK (or Duck) amphibous vehicle, you get the street tour and then go into the water as well!!!

Dublin is still big city - Cork is tiny and lovely for it!!! (can you tell I have moved here now???)

Oxford. Yeh I know, people say cities close to them. But I think Oxford (and the surrounding countryside) is exceptional.

I would say Hong Kong and Japan for this moment.

They both have very cheap stuff (the ladies goes nuts shopping form day to night :iagree: ), I like Hong Kong for their night view cuz it is so beautiful with all them lights and signs. Japan, not really the place but the trees there, they have these pink leaf, when they fall, it gives u this special felling (calm and relaxing)

Firenze Italia. :slight_smile:

Florence was probably my favorite city during my trip to Italy earlier this year.
Seemed to be much cleaner than Rome and a better atmosphere.

I liked Cairo…

Seeing the pyramids from afar gave me a tingle… 7 thousands years passed and their architecture still remains to this day. Simply stunning. And the view from up close, makes you think in bewilderment. Not to mention the museums and the nile river…

My favourite has to be Amsterdam & New York City, each have a history between them, and i like the cities very much.

Tokyo and Shanghai at this moment, but Los Angeles, the Bay area, and the East Coast. Historically, most related to South Koreans.


Geneva (Switzerland).

Nice fountain.

tis quite a tall fountain. impressive!

The slideshow there looks really impressive nice city…

NYC of course!!! :wink:

Prague, Krakow, Istanbul, Cuzco, Hong Kong are some others I found particularly beautiful and interesting…

Since I haven’t been many places, one place I can definitely suggest is San Antonio, TX. It has a lot of culture and things to do for it’s size–and without having trouble getting around the city. :stuck_out_tongue: I would say Israel is worth the trip IF the security were better (I was able to go in 1993). I loved Jerusalem, Ein Gev, Masada, Mt. Tabgah, Capernaum, Tiberius, Haifa, Mt. Carmel. I was also fairly impressed with London at the time (1993 also, much safer then, too), because it was so pretty. I must have walked around for 5 hours non-stop before taking a break of any kind.

I would say (from video programs I’ve seen) places that would also be good would be anywhere in Brazil (especially someplace like Curitiba), Colombia (Bogotá, Cali, Cartagena), Spain (Bilbao, San Sebastián, Pamplona, Toledo, Barcelona, Sevilla, Córdoba, Madrid), Perú (for Macchu Picchu, the Nazca lines)…

Sydney. Of course, I’m biased because I live there. :smiley:

Other than Sydney, my birth town of Brisbane would be second, followed by Cambridge. I loved Cambridge. I know it’s not really a city, but it was my favourite place when I was in the UK.

Because Shanghai is the newest city in the world with over 10 million population with most of its airports, harbors, buildings, roads, hotels, etc. built in the 1990s and 2000s. :slight_smile:

One downside is that most of such beauties are extremely artificial.