Great Blank Cd\dvd Site

This place has mad different blank cdr,cdrw,dvdr,dvdrw,mini cd,mini dvd,business card cd, colored cd top and bottom in many colores, dvd , cd drives, lable makers and lables, and all ur recording needs and they have bulk packs of disks and decent prices. i mostly like that they have so much different stuff,and its wholesale. enjoy, AMERICAL


Their prices appear to be high compared to other quality vendors i.e. Their Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s are $123 + shipping for 100 pack where as you can get them from for $65 + shipping for 100 pack; their Pioneer 108 is $119 + shipping and has them for $82 + $4 shipping. Their Ritek 8x -R’s are $23 + shipping for 50 pack and www.supermedia are $22 + shipping for 50 pack.

Sorry - but there are better deals out there…:wink:


Yup, I have got to agree. Definitely better deals available in the US. :wink:

Thats cool i didnt say they were the best deals i just said they were decent main reasion i put it up was cause they just had a large amount or different stuff.

I know but as for claiming wholesale. I certainly wouldn’t go that far. :wink:

well i only said wholesale cause it said it on the site

I know. Not your fault man, but the company definitely is doing false advertising if they are claiming wholesale and offering those prices.