Great AMD CPU prices currently at Microcenter


Consider this a PSA for forum members living near a Microcenter store. They have some terrific prices on AMD CPUs lately. I grabbed a Ryzen 1700X for $139. That is $139 for an eight core sixteen thread CPU. They have the R5 1600 for $129, R5 2600 for $149, R5 2600X for $189, R5 2400G for $139 and the R3 2200G for $79. These are prices current to this posting.

Also, they are in-store only prices and you can get $30 off when you buy a motherboard with most of their CPUs. One can walk out with the 1700X and a B450 motherboard for $170 plus tax.


Actually similar prices here in europe, but Remember that they sell the older CPUs off now because the wanna sell more newish ones (bigger margins).