Great 712a scan!

I did some changes to my setup and against Plextors recommendations I set the 712a as slave.

This is a Verbatim printable (Made in Taiwan) 8x DVD+R media code MCC003 burnt at 8x. Test interval in PlexTools is set to “High Accuracy”

Can you believe that I was about to return this drive to Plextor due to the incompability with MCC 01RG20 media hehe…

Terrific. :slight_smile:


@Hamp also sets his 712 as slave with slave jumper in, and he got excellent scans. I have to try it too!!!

@Zevia do you think setting as slave can result in better writing? No really this is quite odd…

@Corbus, I doubt but worth a try.

What type if results were nexxor getting before he put it to slave?

BTW, someone show this to CVS and JeanLuc

I’ve seen it :cool: I’ve never said that there aren’t plenty of good drives around … even bad drives can write with excellent results on some media (while writing with very bad results on other) … but let’s not start again this story!

However, I don’t think that setting the unit as slave makes any difference …
what nexxor reported was a MCC003 burn … he never said that he had problems with this media when his drive was set as master …

His problems were with MCC01RG20 media …

Can you show us please a master vs slave comparison for MCC003 media?
Is your drive working ok with MCC01RG20 media now that you’ve set it as slave?

You can bet your a**e that I noticed this one … :bigsmile:

Seriously … a unit that will behave different after switching from master (crap burns) to slave (excellent burns) should pass it’s self-test on recommended media without any problems.

As a direct result, Plextor won’t do anything about it if the drive will be RMA’d.

Backing up cvs, I also do not believe that switching from master to slave will make a big difference from the point of writing quality (for the general majority of users, that is) … at least, there is no hard evidence to back up these hypothesis’ (and with some 10^5 possible combinations of different user’s relevant hardware parts, hard evidence is simply impossible to provide).

Don’t get me wrong about dissing Plextor or something like that … I really like my unit (as a matter of fact, I enjoy using every single one of my Plexies) and I have even experienced successful (marginal with PI-Sum 8 maxing out at ~220, to be more precise) burns at 12x on cheap RICOJPNR02 (additionally, I did encounter successful burns at 8x on MCC002 and YUDEN000T01) and I am totally impressed with it’s DVD read and DAE performance.

DVD-R isn’t really up to par with my unit (at 8x, that is) but I can take that since I 1) prefer not to overspeed cheap 4x media by 100% (50% at 6x is fair enough for me) and 2) mostly use +R anyway (now with Bitsetting which makes -R even more obsolete for me).

BTW … did any of you guys do burst mode scanning wit PI,PO and POF yet ? You’d be surprised, I promise …

I have not seen any drive write -r madia as good as +r media at high speeds. Why do people continue to use -R when the +R standard seems so much better.
+R plays in every home DVD player I have tried it in. We have a group at work about 9 of us and we share our movies and we all use +R and not one of us has an issue with play back in our Home DVD players. :bow: