GREAT 5005, but...the 3 hr hack isn't from Lite On?

My 5005, first attempt, seems to be working PERFECTLY.

I made one disc on the two hour setting, and another on the one hour setting.

No green-face that I could notice, NOTHING.

Couldn’t be more pleased.

Don’t know if I should update it or not. (How would I know if it comes with up to date 'ware?)

I’ve heard there’s a three hour mode, you can “insert”, but in another thread someone said it’s not from Lite On? It’s a “personal hack”?

In the thread I saw, the coding was given, but I wouldn’t DARE try something like that. (Wouldn’t even know how.)

What IS the story with the 3 hour mode? Does Lite On ALSO include that in their update, or is this a personal thing only?

(And…here’s the biggie…IS it really safe to download the software from LITE ON, burn a disc…and then stick this homemade disc into my machine and hope it doesn’t get cyber cancer?)

Thanks. :confused:

If you are not experienceing any problems and are happy with the product as it is, in my humble opinion do not mess with it. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. If you provide ample ventilation you will have a better chance of no problems in the future. If you read a lot of the posts on this and other sites you are one of the fortunate few with no problems. Do you really need the 3 hour mode? The firmware uprades may influence you to think you will have a better operating unit and yet it may create a monster that a lot of us have.

But does your monster have those clever little bolts in its neck?

I say it gives character! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, including the suggestion/warning.


Raised Grain has provided some sound advice. If the 5005 is meeting your needs there is no real reason to update firmware. Regarding 3 Hour mode it is not available for most of the LVW-5005 units without hacking the firmware. Some other models (LVW-5006 I think) have it enabled from the factory. The quality difference between 3 Hour and 4 Hour mode is not much (in my opinion). I enabled 3 hour mode on my machine and rarely use it. It is nice if you want to do a timer recording for a show that is 2 1/2 hours long and you only want that content on your disk. You will get slightly better quality.

I agree, I read that LiteOn did away with the 3hr mode because the difference between it and the 4hr mode was minimal.