Grayness in dark scenes, 5005

My 5005 has a very annoying problem where when recording, the color in dark scenes usually disappears, and I’m left staring at a gray background or gray face.

After reading around, I was thought to believe that this is from the “bad tv tuner” on the unit. Well, to test this I plugged in my other standalone dvd player and recorded about 30 seconds of a dark scene in one of the Harry Potter movies using the back red/white/yellow inputs and outputs. I played the clip back in both dvd players and my computer, and the backgrounds/cloaks were gray in most of the scene.

Playback of the original dvd showed color in those areas.

Now, this would lead me to the conclusion that the grayness isnt caused from the tv tuner, but occurs possibly during the encoding method…is there any way to tweak/fix this? I have the latest (0098, i believe ES5) firmware

The gray you describe is not how the picture problems, for those that experience it, are usually described.

Normally the sympton can be of a grainy picture overall, some have it coming through a standard aerial connection and others through the scart inputs. The overall opinion is that the latest firmware revision solved this.

Just to be sure, when did you last update? The last release of 098 had the same filename as the previous. Good ol’ Liteon.

If it is definitely a Graying of colors then it not an issue I’ve come across before.

Have tried a different yellow connection lead, it is possible that your current one has a poor solder.

Finally, until they update my 080 firmware I use the front AV connections where the picture quality is much better.

This greyness issue is related to the Cabbage Face issue and is mitigated, if not totally fixed, by the latest FW update. I know, because I had the same problem and the FW update made a world of difference, a vast improvement…

I’ll continue to wait for the 080 revision, ho hum.

I’m definitely using the latest version of the 098 firmware, I flashed it 3 times (once without any hacks, once with macrovision, and finally with both the macrovision and 3 hour hacks).

I tried a different cable, same result. I get the same problem when recording from the tv (example: “CTU” in the show 24 is very gray, including peoples’ faces)

I noticed very little (if any?) difference after installing the latest firmware. I still get cabbage face issues, so i was wondering why everyone seemed so happy :confused: