Gray boxes on TV with Nero

Hello everyone. I have Nero 6, the express version. I am at work right now so I can not give you the exact model.

When I burn a DVD from mpeg files, the audio has an echo, and when viewing the file on the TV, there are gray boxes all over the screen.

When I view the DVD on my computer, the grey boxes are gone but the audio has an echo. Also, when viewing on the TV, the bottom of the video is cut off.

The DVD is Maxell brand name.

The video files where taken with a sony digital camera (mpeg), then merged with Nero 6 into a larger file (mpeg). Then several files where put on the DVD to make a DVD movie.

I also tried exporting the mpeg files to a MP4 file, burned the DVD from the MP4 file and still got the gray boxes all over the TV screen. These gray boxes look like huge pixels and cover the whole TV screen - there must be a 100 of them.

System stats
AMD 3200 64 bit
windows 2000 - latest service pack and full patched
1 gig patriot memory
2 hard drives
1 80 gig western digital IDE
1 160 gig HITACHI Deskstar SATA 2

When merging video files I try to go from one hard drive to the other - the source files on one drive, the finished file on the other drive.