Graphics upgrade which card?

hi all, i have decided to upgrade my graphics card and have chosen 2 cards to pick from, the…

         GeForce 6600 256MB DDR AGP8X, "Ultra/1780 TV-DVI"   or the...

         GeForce 6600GT 128MB GDDR3 AGP8X, "Ultra/1960 XP" ViVo/2xDVI

which card do you think is best the flat 6600 with 256 mbs of memory or the 6600gt with 128mbs of memory, i can get the flat 6600 a lot cheaper if the difference in performance was not that great.

thanks in advance, ghostsurfer :wink:

I would go for the GT it is a better card than the plain 6600. You should also be able to save some money if you went for one with one analogue connection and one DVI connection rather than with 2 DVI Connections (unless you really need 2 DVI Connections). Depends on where you live but in the UK you can get a GT for just over £100

Graphic cards named with “GT” are intended for use in mainboard capable of SLI technology (Scalable Link Interface). This technology allow to use two graphic cards simultaneously on the same mainboard.

If you don’t have a SLI mobo perhaps you don’t need of a SLI capable graphic card (that is also more expensive).

But if you need of a vivo (Video-In Video-Out) card your choice is on GT model (between the two model indicated in your thread).

Hope this information can be useful in your choice


erm…No. GT versions are just the same as non-GT versions but with higher clock and memory speeds. SLI Techonology is only incorporated in the PCI-E versions of the card. Since he is looking for an AGP card he can still get a GT card. I think performance wise its worth paying a litle extra for the extra power

The GT card is faster that the normal 6600, but doesn’t cost that much extra (at leat over here in the Netherlands). I’d go with the 6600 GT!

As for the amount of memory, it all depends on the games you will play with it. For instance, Doom 3 will certainly benefit from more memory.

The 6600GT has DDR3, where the regular 6600 is plain DDR. Seen as how the 6600GPU really likes memory bandwidth, I’d go with the GT. The 6600 is a good card, and if you need to save money go for it. If you really wanted to go extreme cheap, they sell some 6200 cards that can be flashed with 6600 bioses! Then you’d get a helluva deal, but you need to do some research before you try that. The msi 6600 Diamond is the same as the 6600GT, it has ddr3, and can OC to gt levels. You can flash it with a GT bios, and it performs the same. If I were you , I’d get that card. Then there are other 6600 cards, like chaintech that are cheap, but pretty good. I’d get one of those if you have to save money, and don’t want to experiment with bios flashing. If you have the money, get a 6600GT, they’re really nice cards. One thing though, the new XFX cards have really crappy heatsinks on them, so aviod them! I saw you were thinking of one that has dual DVI, and XFX is the only one I know of that does that (my card is dual DVI). Leadtek, MSI, Chaintech, BFG, and gigabyte are the cards I’d use. If you can find them gainward are good too. There are some others, but those are the good ones that I’ve seen. :iagree:

Hi Ghost, :slight_smile:

I got a 6800GT 256MB recently, and I gotta say its niiiice, doom3 smooth as butter.
I gotta agree with deer slayer, asid, and tommy here- get the GT. The memory clock speed is quite alot faster on a GT. While more memory is nice, and helps, that ddr3 helps even more. A 128MB GT will outperform a 256MB non-GT for sure.

I got my girlfriends computer a 128MB 6600GT and it works really well. Can play doom3 pretty good. You can’t jack up ALL the video settings to max, but then it’s a demanding game when it comes to video. Even with mine, gets a little glitchy if I try to pump the antialiasing too high.

hi all, many thanks for the informative replys, i think i will take your good advice ( after all i asked for it :slight_smile: ), and i will go for the gt version of the card,
thanks again guys,

 ghostsurfer  ;)

Having 256mb of memory dosen’t give you alot more performance than having 128mb, so if it’s a bit cheeper i’d go for the 128mb card.