Graphics software advice: can anyboby help?



can ne 1 tell me what other software, other then adobe photo shop(cs) is good for graphics. i’m try’n to get into like making cd cover incerts. photo shop is hella expensive




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Photoshop Elements is a good alternative to the CS version. And it´s only about 50 bucks. I use it to make my disc covers - does a pretty nice job. If you´ve got a printer that takes discs (Canon iP 5000 for example) it´s a piece of cake to print images and text directly onto the white printable discs…also much better than the stick-on labels.
Other useful software for images can be found in other threads…check the software thread.
Good luck.


Take it easy goon, google for The Gimp, download it, configure it, whine about it, learn to enjoy it and thank me later.

Use the money you saved to enroll in an English grammar and correct spelling course or buy me an aircraft carrier.


hey thanks deanimator. and guru dude, my apologies. did’nt realize your reply was your sig.


The Gimp… search for it… now…


oh hey and by the way, belve, my grammer is cool. only thing is, i perfer slang or cyber-slang in this case…lol… again though folk, i apologise. my spelling is fine as well (BUD). drink 1


MrB maybe you are being a little too cryptic for the poster. Rico, Gimp (or The Gimp to give its’ full name) is a free and open source image editing programme along the lines of photoshop.

You may prefer text speak, but here we prefer full words as there is no limit on the length of the post.

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Paint Shop Pro is also quite good. There are also some folks that like Corel’s software. If you haven’t used photoshop or a similar software, I would suggest something along the lines of Adobe Photoshop Elements, simply because it can do things with shortcuts that take quite a bit of time to learn how to do in photoshop.