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I reinstalled a service pack which removed my drivers. I reinstalled every one except this Video Controller (VGA) thing. I don’t know where to get it. Also, i installed Star Wars Empire AT War, and when i went to play it, i received a message saying something like: my 3d graphics aren’t good, and that i can choose if i want to play the game anyways.

Thanks in advance.


VGA support comes with the OS.
Depending on the real gfx card or chip you have you must also install their own graphics drivers, mostly either NVIDIA or ATI(amd).

Check the capabilities of your gfx card and the game requirements.


If you want to play video games you should get a separate video card. Very rarely is an integrated chip enough to play newer games. The Geforce 7600 series is a nice medium priced card.


The thing is that i bought a used computer from someone. I don’t have the Cd’s that installed the graphics card or anything. I don’t know much about graphics, so could you please tell me how to “Check the capabilities of your gfx card and the game requirements.”



You could run a tool like Sandra or Everest and find out the manufacturer/name of the gfx card, then search for drivers on the net.


Or belarc (free) - not sure if it directly identifies the graphics though
Last free version of Everest SiW - maybe the true heir to the crown after Aida32…Everest…no more free edition


Ok, im really confused on all this “GFX card” stuff. I got Everest free, and i dont know where i can find the information about my “GFX” card, becasue i dont see anything related to GFX in the program.

By the way, i have Direct X 9.0. I dont think you guys need to hear this, but i think its graphics related, right?


Run one of the programs listed to find out what type of display adapter you have. The program should let you know whether it’s a ATI, Nvidia, or Intel. Once you find that out then it’s just a matter of going to that company’s website and DL’ing the drivers. If it is integrated in the motherboard (an easy way to tell is where is your monitor hooked up. If it’s on the side it’s an integrated display adapter) you should buy a separate card for better gaming performance.


Look at “display adapter” and find out who makes it.


In the adapter it says "VGAsave.

“If it’s on the side it’s an integrated display” - it is.

Would this be it: SiS 330 Mirage Integrated.



That sounds like it. I think this where you want to go to get drivers: If you want to play video games you definitely need to buy a graphics card. You may have to open your case to see what type of slot you have, PCI Express,AGP, or PCI.


thanks so much for your help. i still have like 2 more questions.

Which driver do i download because there is no 330 driver.

Also, would you also reccomend the Geforce 7600 series?

Thanks so much


I would think it would be “SiS UniVGA3 graphics driver(v3.77)” but you may want to click on the product identification link to the right just to be sure. As far as the Geforce 7600 series video cards, i’ve read they are probably the best mid-range price cards. Usually they run between $125-150. Check out for some of the best prices. I suggested the same to a friend he bought one and loves it.

EDIT- Click on embedded system and see what options you get.


What excactly am i paying 150 for? For “extreme graphics and gaming?” Is it really worth 150? I really don’t need any good hardware, just something that is adequate, and descent.

Here’s a picture for embedded system:

But when i click graphics cards, it only lets me download: SiS741CX Graphics Driver


Did you try the product identification link? It’s supposed to identify the chipset and may direct you to the right driver. Are you sure you need a PCI express card? If you do look at this one: If you notice even with shipping it’s cheaper unless you send in rebates. You can always buy a cheaper card but when it to buying a graphics card you always try to get a little better than what you need because you never know what you want to play 3, 6 etc. months down the line. If the 7600 series is too much then try the 7300 series.


My other computer that i dont play games on has a PCI express card. I took my omputer to be reformatted once and they installed a Graphics card becasue at the time, i didnt have another computer. So can i just put the card from my other computer into mine??


After a little searching on the SiS site i found this:

  1. What should I download the graphic driver for my SiS IGP chipset? UniVGA3? or UniVGA2, UniVGA?
    A: Using the following table to illustrate the :
    Driver Supporting products
    UniVGA3 SiS760, SiS661FX, SiSM661FX, SiSM661MX, SiSM741, SiS741, SiS741GX, SiS651, SiSM650, SiS650GX, SiS650GL, SiS740, SiS650
    UniVGA2 SiS651, SiSM650, SiS650GX, SiS650GL, SiS650, SiS740
    UniVGA SiS630ST, SiS630ET, SiS630S, SiS630E, SiS630, SiS730S, SiS730SE

If your system chipset is more earlier SiS IGP chipset, like SiS620, SiS530, SiS5598, SiS5596, while entering the SiS download center, please select Graphics Driver > Other SiS series IGP > Your Operating system, then to click “Go” will search the driver you need.

It appears yours is a really older chipset so you may have to follow the instructions above. If you do decide to buy a graphics card, which would be the easiest solution, buy nothing less than the Geforce 7-series or make sure the card supports shader model 3.0. That’s what a lot of the newer games are using and if you card doesn’t support that the game may not run.


As long as you have the right type of slot, yes.


My computer is getting fixed and is supposed to be done by tommorow or by the day after tomorrow. If i have any questions i’ll definately post back. Thanks so much for the help.


Glad i could help. The Simpsons are on here so i want to lay down anyway :).