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Hi, I’ve been looking for graphics cards for nuff long and some one said this was good. I wanna know how long it will be until games come out that will look rubbish on this card.
Is this a good buy and how long will it last?
Shakey Jake


what (card) are you talking about?


crap sorry i forgot to paste it. WHOOPS! how daft.


ok, this is not a high-end card and the 9600xt is in general just a higher clocked 9600pro, but atm everything should run fine on it - even doom 3 or HL2 should look / run great on it (depending on your complete system)…

but, as usual, it will not take more than 1 year until games will come out where you have to set the graphic-details to a lower level and maybe decrease the resolution - but this does also happen to 4x more expensive cards (for example ati x800xt) earlier or later… :wink:


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IMO it is best to every year-or-so buy a good card for around £75, then you will be able to keep up, if you go out and buy a £300 card, it wont last much longer than the £75 one.

So basicly I would go for this one now, and not have to worry when games stop playing well on it (1-2 years time).

Ben :slight_smile:


this is a decent card, but i would maybe spend the few extra bucks on a 9800pro with 128mb of ram. i had a 9600 pro that i overclocked to xt speeds and the 9800 blew it out of the water.the geforce 6600 series is also an excellent buy, and has next gen technologies in it to play future games much better. the great thing about the 9600 series cards is that they do not need a externel power source (molex) if you have a lower wattage psu.


ok i say dif to wat i guess everone has said i say nvidia 5700fx 256 or 6800fx 256 but the thing is u r looking at 300 to 500 bucks for thou’s but they will be the one’s that will last u r long time. {well about 12mth} but by then u wood have to upgrade ur cpu and ram.e.t.c so yea up to u


If you can afford the extra cash, a geforce 6600 card would be ideal. Better than both the ATI 9600 or 9800. Prices start at around £140 though:


Well, not even close. Sorry don’t mean to step on you. Games today are incredibly mem hungry and if you want to play them at decent playable frame rates you’ll need to set your res to 800X600 without AA or AF. A card like that stands no chance with today’s games at higher res. it’ll be more of a headache to run it decently enough to enjoy.

My system was a Mobile XP2600 overclocked to 2640 12x220fsb 2x256 BH-5s for ram and water cooled with a Radeon 9800Pro overclocked on water also, to 450/375 and had over 21K in 3DMark2k1. Once I got Doom3 it got it’s ass kicked all over the place. Doom3 even at 10x7 res would skip and slowdown with just 2xAA. It was time to upgrade so I got a new A64 system and a Gigabyte X800XT doing 550/550 with 1G of ram and now it chews down Doom3 with everything on at 1200x1000.

My previous system was no slouch at (and I’m not new at overclocking) 2.6 and 220 fsb believe me with the 9800Pro oc’d but it didn’t make it at 1000x700 res. It was playable at 800x600 though. So to answer your question HELL NO it won’t. Maybe if you have a A64 setup you’ll do better but today’s games are more Video Card ram hungry than before so you’ll need a top notch card to get decent FPS. It’ll still look good but it won’t run that good trust me. Unless you go below 800x600. If you save a little more you can get a GeForce 6800GT which are great cards soecially after you overclock them. My friend has one and it’s a nice little card.

What kind of system are you running? It better be overclocked or at least A64 setup if you want to try. I’m just being honest and letting you know so you don’t spend your money and then end up :a :confused: :Z because trust me you will! I’d hate to see anyone spend money due to wrong advice. Good luck.


@YoMama’ :
hm, look @ my signature - you’ll see what system i am currently running - and i got absolutley no problems with any games 'til now - played doom 3 on highest detail (of course, not ultra-settings) but without AA, also Sims 2 runs very well even with 6x AA… NFSU2 runs on max quality (without AA) and so on…

so, i did not have any performance problems with my configuration, and it’s far away from an A64 3600+ with a X800XT card and 2048 MB of RAM… :wink:

i am running an overclocked 9600 PRO…

so, whatever your experience is, mine differs from yours!


yo mama.
what the hell r u on about i do not understand what you are saying
i reckon ill get it cos if it lasts up to a year ill afford another at the same price in a year so everything is GOOD :). erm…yeh
THANKS EVERYONE (except yo mama because you just confused me)


Easily confused are you? Well, go ahead and knock yourself out. My apologies I was wrong. You should be able to run 1600x1200 with everything on with that card. You obviously know what you’re doing. Go ahead and get that card. And it should also last you around 6 yrs. I was just confused sorry.


Hmmm…can i have that old mobile xp of yours? :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t get mine above 2400mhz! :sad:


Actually, I’m about to sell it for $100. I had up to $150 offers but I’m not that greedy since I only paid $100. But the little bastard goes over 2.6 on its sleep. I never went over 1.85v so I don’t know how far it’ll go. :bow:

You’re just a little too late or else…


Yes guys forgive my ignorance. I don’t know what came over me those cards are actually #1…sorry.

It’s just that I’m a rookie at this pc stuff and I also experienced this…it happens to us that are not as elite at this…you guys are awesome :bow: :bow:
VisionTek - ATI VPU Video Cards
Radeon 9600 XT 128MB
Best Playable IQ Settings
Resolution: 1024x768
Texture Quality: Medium Quality

Notice that incredible high performance of 35 FPS and the min. of 13 FPS I live to get a card that does that. :bow:

How about this one:
"Judging by the rest of your system, you have some money to play with. Check out a GeForce 6800 for ~$300, you’re going to be hardpressed to find any cheaper card that can compare on a price / performance ratio.

I’ve got a Radeon 9800 & Doom 3 is okay, not spectacular by any means, will leave you quite unfulfilled. You most definately do not want to go below this card, don’t even consider FX5700’s or 9600’s."


Notice the INCREDIBLE performance on a year old game with a good graphic engine (Tomb Raider AOD). It’s not even good to hold Doom3’s coffee cup but it’s an example.

There’s more but I no longer want to expose my RIDICULOUS stupidity when it comes to this kind of stuff. Sorry for opening my mouth before…I :bow: :bow: to your vast knowledge.


ok well now im REAL confused but im gonna get it, yo mama i have still got no idea what your on about or if your being sarcastic or not nevermind. thanks everyone including yo mama cos i was a bit harsh before. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


9800/9600 series cards=old technology
nvidia 6xxxx series=new technology

the radeons suck at doom3 because it is a opengl game, and their opengl drivers are not as good. if you plan to play this game, better to go nvidia
if you can find a geforce 6600gt agp card it is a far better buy than the 9600xt, and not a big difference in price. it will totally kill the 9600xt