Graphics Cards with Video In (input)

Hi there, I just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a fairly cheap graphics card with a video input socket. What I want to do is capture from VHS and record to Mpeg.

Thanks in advance


You should be able to get an ATI Rage Fury Pro somewhere fairly cheap. This is not a fast card, but it has VIVO. Also, the Radeon 64MB DDR card has VIVO as well, most ATI cards do.

Usually only the All In Wonder (AIW) cards have VIVO. But yes, ATI cards are really the only powerful cards with video in, Nvidia cards don’t usually have it and the TV encoders they use are horrible. If you already have a good videocard, you may want to just get a TV tuner. The ATI TV Wonder has gotten some good reviews, and it has a channel guide program to schedule your captures.

At in the U.S. you can get an ATI ALL-IN-WONDER 128 PRO 32M SDRAM 2X/4X AGP - OEM for $59 (free shipping).

They also have an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 32MB DDR 4X AGP Video Card - OEM for $78 that does video capturing.

Since you live in the U.K., this wouldn’t be available to you, but the same products might be available at a local source at (hopefully) reasonable prices. :wink: