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Hello Everyone,

My Graphics Card broke so i bought a new one (Nvidia GT520 Silent) But when i inserted it in my computer i dont see a thing. It only gives one long beep and 3 short ones. Then it does nothing. I pulled out the card several times. But it didn’t work. I would like to hear a solution to my problem.
My proccessor is an AMD Athlon 64 X2.

Grtz Snelstar


According to this, you need to check your memory.

Sorry I forgot to say my motherboard type: M2N e SLI

Three beeps usually means that there is a problem with your ram, i would check that the are installed correctly, and if that fails, i would put only a single dim to see if it boots, and then try the other.
You can always try your ram on another PC and see if your ram is OK.

With my old card it boot just fine (My old card views only shocking vision)

Hi snelstar :slight_smile:

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[QUOTE=snelstar;2635038]With my old card it boot just fine (My old card views only shocking vision)[/QUOTE]

Maybe you moved them accidentally, sometimes it happens, unplug everything, and put only what is necessary for the PC to work.

When i place the old card back it works just fine. And with only the nessacary stuff it doesnt work either :frowning:

Have you tried it on both PCIe slots?
If that fails, my guess is that you either got a compatibility issue, or you were unlucky and got a defective card, i suggest that you go back to the store and try your card there.

Have you updated your MOBO drivers lately?
Especially the chipset drivers, that’s an old board.

Nope i Didnt update anything to the BIOS

It actually sounds like a dead card but it never hurts to update the Bios, and chipset drivers if a newer part is not working in an older board.

Think im going back to the store then. Thank you

According to this, your problem is the new card. You should certainly follow bean55’s advice and check to be sure your Mobo bios and drivers are the most current. Is it possible that your mobo layout is keeping you from seating the new card completely/properly? What is your old video card?

EN7600 GT Silent

How do i update the driver on this board? Can Barely see with my old card and it doesn’t floppy reader isnt working anymore.

You can use a USB flash drive

Your simplest course is probably to exchange the card at this point to rule out a defective one :).

Or as deanwitty suggested earlier make real sure that the card is seated completely, it doesn’t take much to make it not work.