Graphics card

i am a first time buyer of pc components and have pretty much found everything but can not tell what makes a good graphics card and would be very gratful if somone could help me and tell me what to look for.

If you’re wanting to play the newest games, make sure the card, is supported by your motherboard.

which is eaither PCI, AGP or PCI-E.

For the newest games, use a 7800 GTX, or a 7900… if money isn’t a issue 7950 is a great card

The 7 Series cards by nvidia utilize Pixle Shader 3.0, HDR and a bunch of other cool features.

ATI has cards equivlent to it though, however I am biased for Nvidia.

Crossfire is a joke anyways. lol

PCI-E is the Same as PCI-Express right



Yup - good place to look for graphics cards is -eh!