Graphics card

Hey, I’m looking for a graphics card rto go into a gaming machine -

AMD 64 3000+ s939
1GB Corsair PC3200 RAM
Asus K8V Deluxe Mobo

My price range is only about £150…

i would say your best bet is a nvidia 6600 series card. They have the newest technologies built in (like smartshader3.0), and are very reasonably priced as video cards go.
If you can spare a few more bucks then i would go with a x800xl.
Double the memory and double the rendering lines, which make a very fast card and a big jump from the nvidia 6600. Good luck.

both great suggestions. if you can spring a little more (~$300) a 6800GT will go a long way (especially if you get a 256mb version). x800xl agp is (Best Buy is $349) $50 more than pci-e but is also a great card. these are both 1 tier up from your budget but a vid card, imho, is worth it…depending on how much gaming you do. either of these could be overkill as well.

so what are your primary concerns/uses? seems like gaming if it’s an a64. if so then don’t skimp on vid card.

btw, i think you mean an A8V not K8V for the mobo if it’s socket 939.

A 6800 GT in the Uk for £158 ($300) would be a dream come true! unfortunately we get ripped off over here and i mean big time.

6800 LE £128.95 inc VAT

6600 GT £129.82 inc VAT

Cheapest 6800 GT (on ebuyer atleast)

didnt check to see if it was AGP or PCI express they are just rough estimate prices

Hmmm…I want to buy a good gaming PC, But I have a low budget-£500 preferably, £60 Max. These are the specs I was thinking-

Corsair 512MB, DDR4000/PC3200 X2 (75.16)

Maxtor diamondmax plus 9 120GB 7200rpm 8MB Cache (47.82)

Asus A8V Deluxe Socket 939 (77.99)

AMD Athlon 64 3000+939pin 512kb L2cache (98.48)

I-Cute Black ATX Gaming case with 400psw and side window (35.24)

LG 16X DVD Dual Layer R/RW (35.540

All that totals up to £370.23, But I still need a graphics card…

With SATA controllers on the motheboard, i’d go for the SATA version of the hard drive… or move up to the SATA 160Gb version - A 6600GT that eats the rest of your budget in one go? - Interesting… how does a 6800LE compare with a 6600GT ? - light version of the one above, top version of the one below

What ever you do stay with Nvidia, more and more games are coded for use with Nvidia card. ATI may be classed as “more” powerful, but compatibility is better than power.


lol. let the wars begin.Let me tell you my experience.I had a 6800gt, and from day one had nothing but issues - stuttering and pausing in games, some games crashing and general instability. I tried alot of things, as some things helped but at the same time i remember thinking i should not have to do all this BS for a $500 cad card to work properly. I finally sold it and bought a x800xt, and have had much better results. Not only has it been working way better it also takes up much less space and my case temps are 10 degrees lower. I recommended the 6600 series because ati does not make a newer midline card for agp, but if i had the choice i would stick with ati. just my 2 cents. :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, well I dont mean to start a war :stuck_out_tongue: Thats just my personal opinion.


Will the
Graphics card run games such as doom 3 and half life 2 properley?

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os: Windows XP

top card runs doom3 and half life2 at max settings with hydraulic like smoothness.
riva/tuner shows a core speed of 300mhz in 2d mode to keep things cool, but during 3d gaming the core rises to 500mhz
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Never mind :slight_smile:

These are now my PC Specs

Corsair 512MB, DDR4000/PC3200 X2 (75.16)

Maxtor diamondmax plus 9 120GB 7200rpm 8MB Cache (47.82)

Asus A8V Deluxe Socket 939 (77.99)

AMD Athlon 64 3000+939pin 512kb L2cache (98.48)

I-Cute Black ATX Gaming case with 400psw and side window (35.24)

LG 16X DVD Dual Layer R/RW (35.540

PNY Verto GeForce 6 6600GT AGP8x 128MB GDDR3 (134.99)

Total - £505.22

I’m looking at some SATA Hardrives now…Any other changes anybody think I should make?

for good cheap SATA HDs, check out Samsung’s SpinPoint series. nice find on the card (AGP version).

I have an nvidia 6600 standard, and a radeon 9800pro card. Both are excellent cards and can be had for around the same price if you search.

Cna anybody find any SATA Hardrives on Ebuyer. I can’t find any!!

I also have some more questions on SATA Hardrives. Is it true that they load windows much quicker than normal hard drives, and if so by how much? And what does it mean to RAID a SATA Hardrives? Thanks

try this.
on the left under “serial ata hardrives”. they have different categories depending on storage size.


SATA is another form of interface (as opposed to IDE/Parallel ATA). it has a greater theoretical bandwidth (150mb/s vs UltraATA’s 133mb/s). there’s also SATAII these days (300mb/s, NCQ, etc.) but don’t worry about that. windows may or may not load faster depending on how fast your HDs are - a 10K rpm WD Raptor will load a few secs quicker than a 7200rpm PATA HD.

RAID = and is a form of “stringing” together multiple HDs in various fashions (for speed, for data integrity/backup, etc.). you need 2 or more identical HDs to set up RAID but unless you’re doing a lot of I/O intensive work (RAID-0) or need constant data security (RAID-1), it’s really not necessary.